Read for read, I just published my first story!

Hi lovely people!
I just published my first story, Blue History :blue_heart:
If you want to do a read-for-read, please leave a link for your story or just the storyname down below.
You can also leave your social media, I would like to follow new people!
My IG is emmylou.episode
I hope you give my story a read! :heartpulse:



Hello, I’d love to do a r4r with you. How many chapters do you have? Here’s my story:

Genre: Mystery, and a bit of everything else
Alternate/extended Description: A single text, reading “you’re invited” promises to mend a friendship long shattered by betrayal. That is, until you’re accused of murder. Snowed in, and racing against time, can you wade through the countless secrets to find the truth buried deep within the walls of Ambrogi Mansion?

No. of Chapters: 8, Ongoing
Other: No early access/skip the wait/support the author gem choices only

Story Trailer:

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I’m interested here’s my link for you and for anyone else that wants to do for a r4r

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Interested in a r4r

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Let me know when you want to start

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Interested in R4R! Let me know when :slight_smile:


Sure, I’ll PM you when.

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I’d love to do an r4r with you, and here’s my story:

Title O Son Where Art Thou

Description You lose your son by unjust means, and your son is now with a man you despise. Can you rightfully reclaim your son? Find out in this striking drama. Male MC, choices matter, and two endings.

Genre Drama

Style Limelight

No. of episodes 14 (including bonus episode)

Instagram @brendan.writes

Link Episode Writer Portal

Note Please send me screenshots


Hii, wanna do 3 for 3? I’m available now.

Can also do G4G up to 10 gems atm!

I’ll just do an r4r, but anyway I’ll do a 3x3 with you.

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Also, I’ll need a link to your story.

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Sure! ill send the link through dm’s now :slight_smile:

Congrats on publishing! I’m down for a R4R. Let me know which story you’d be interested in :grin:

Story 1

Title: Without a Trace
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Chapters: 16 (Ongoing)
Description: After her sister vanishes, Talulah sets out on an investigative search with the help of arcane criminology major, Avon. Will their perseverance and wit be enough to find her?
Link: Episode Writer Portal

Story 2

Title: Mind Over Matter
Genre: Drama/Comedy/Action
Chapters: 3 (Complete)
Description: When the world is ravaged by flesh-eating monsters, three soldiers must learn to survive together on a remote island.
Link: Episode Writer Portal

Instagram: @jcwhisper.writes
Thank you :purple_heart:

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Thanks a ton for creating this thread! I’m down for R4R! :blob_hearts: :butterfly:

Here’s my recently updated story! Now added full CC for MC & LI! 9 chapters are available to read!

Exotic Love Story Link

My other stories:

Marriage Chaos: AAPI Shelf'22

Title: Marriage Chaos
Genre: Drama
Chapters: 5 [Complete]
Description: Passionate and career driven Ragini finds herself in an unusual place when her mother asks her to get married. Drama and chaos await.

Link to the story:
Episode Writer Portal

The Tale of Alynthia

Story Title: The Tale of Alynthia
Genre: Fantasy (with Comic Elements)
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 15 (Season 1 Complete)

Link to the Story:
Episode Writer Portal

My IG: @mukta.writes
I hope everyone enjoy reading them!
Have a nice day! :heart:

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What’s your IG?

I have 3 episodes so far.
Title: Blue History
Description: Ashton Page is everything you hate, charming and with an ego a mile long. What happens when he crosses paths with the one girl he can not figure out? Evelynn Martinez.
Genre: Fantasy-romance
Style: Limelight
Instagram: emmylou.episode
Link: Episode Writer Portal

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I’ll read it right away <33

I’ll read story 1.
How many chapters do you have? <3

What’s your story? <3

Hi :blush:
Thank you for this thread and I’m up for a r4r
if you are interested in a Mystery story

Story: Hostel By The River
Genre: Mystery (Romance/Drama)
Style: Limelight
Episode: 6 (ongoing)
Description: All you wanted to start over, but everything changed in a way you never planned. you realized you were no longer safe, not anymore. something terrible is going on around you and your friends, will you be able to find it? the most important thing is
will you be able to survive?

Link to my story: Episode Writer Portal
Instagram : @red877.episode

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I’ve send you a DM on IG <3

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