Read For Read (I'll even spend gems)

I just finished my 7th chapter in Lechland Academy (below) and am looking for some R4R and F4F.

I know the romance section is huge but I’m also trying to follow sci-fi/fantasy authors as that is my preferred genre.

Are you writing a fantasy and would like to exchange?

Please let me know on IG as I forget to check back on the forum and don’t want anyone thinking I’m ignoring or being rude - I’m just forgetful lol

My IG is LizzieBstories.

Title: Lechland Academy
Author: LizzieBstories
Type: Limelight
Genre: Fantasy
About: You are sent to attend a school of magic to train and learn your powers. Will you fall for wise Werewolf or a reckless Vampire? What secrets is River Fork hiding?

Lechland Academy. Check it out: