i will send pic on here. if u can please do the same

Of course!

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How does your cover look? Cause I found another story called Darkness Inside Me with a writer called Dannii is that you?

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Found you!

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I’m reading H & V stories too. Whoever wants me to read all 3 chapters, contact me on Instagram episode_jones

You’ll get my feedback and you’ll have your story posted on our Instagram page epy_universe for even more promotion! :heart:

Please do send me screenshots to proof you’ve read my 3 chapters :heart:

Here’s little about my story:

Title: H & V: Above And Below
Genre: Adventure
Style: Ink
Customization: Yes!
Link: []

Description: In this unusual world, where Carter and Ann met and started their romance, some extraordinary things are happening. How will that affect Carter and Ann? Will the evil separate them?

In this adventure story you’ll find many fantasy elements, but also drama and romance. Don’t miss out the intrigues and secrets behind this cute characters.
In this story all advanced techniques are used: advanced zooms, animated overlays, special art scenes. Many things were drawn by me personally and many are from my dear friend Tas… If you’re looking for diversity, here it is! Quote from this story: “It’s not appropriate to call anyone an alien. Or any other disrespectful name. And we’re all an alien race to you humans…”

I already dmed you on Insta! What a coincidence! :grin:

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:point_right: Send me proof in my Instagram DM that you’re the 100x or 500x reader !
:point_right: Besides that send me proof in my Instagram DM that you read first 3 chapters !

I saw :heart: I let you on waiting list, so I don’t miss your Dm between the open ones.
Your story will be probably read tomorrow :heart: Now is almost 2 am here and I must sleep :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Girl! Get some sleep! :grin:

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Please read mine

love ur cover art!

Thank you so much! I’ll read yours now!

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Here see I finished 3 chapters! I loved it! I will most probably continue reading! I literally love Nathan he’s my fav charecter! Now can you read mines!

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I love your cover art!

Don’t forget to send picture :slight_smile:

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I will! I’ll read it tonight k? And dont worry I will never forget! :grin:

Hey also, how do you make the boxes pop up after the reader has made a choice? I’m starting to see that more often in stories, but I can’t search any info on how to do it. If you wouldn’t mind sharing :):grin:

The ones at the top?


Thats called a readermessage and the code for it is:

readerMessage Your message here