Read for Read, let's help each other! (2021 thread ♥)

:joy: yeah i Really like it too
İ will start urs right now👍

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Hello first of all thank you for this thread.

Here are my story details:

Story name: “Perfectly flawed”
Amount of chapters: 3
Genre: Romance
Story description: One night together is all it takes for the two love birds to never forget about each other. What happens when 2 years later they meet again ?
Would really appreciate if you gave it a shot. ( feedback would be great )
This is my story link:

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: “Perfectly flawed” ( chapter 4 not out…

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Have a great day! :white_heart:

I am also interested in R4Rs :white_heart:

here ya go i am in chapter 4 from now on and i will keep going to read it.