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Read 4 Read. I’ll read some chapters of your story if you some of mine. You can pick which story you want to read. List of stories I’m reading in order are at the bottom. Fill out form then comment done down below . :point_down:

Story Name: H&V: Our Story
Author Name: Ki_Writes
Description: When Ava’s sister, Riley, is kidnapped, she must work with a group of super heros to save her. Even with the hardships they face, can they work together to save Riley?

Story Name: Satan’s Daughter
Author Name: Ki_Writes
Description: When you’re targeted by Satan’s worshippers and the government, you must fight to not only protect yourself, but to save the ones you love.


  1. Mind Games by Dawn 88.


I see no replied to your post so I WILL READ THEM! :wink: ., may take me sometime BUT, I’ll get to em!


Thanks and I’m willingly to read your story as well. :slight_smile:


I’d love to do a read for read with you!

Story Name: Recovery in 5
Author Name: DestinysTragedy
Genre: Drama/Romance
Description: Two years ago your 5 year relationship ended suddenly. What happens when he comes back into your life unexpectedly while you’re pursuing your dream career in physiotherapy? (CC)
Review? (yes/no): Only if you’d like, no need to if you don’t want to!
If you want a review, where? (public or pm): Either is fine!
Additional Info: My story has some spotify playlists if the reader is interested in listening to recommended music instead of the standard episode music. If not the episode does have episode music too!


Please do, I’d really appreciate it!


Title: Mad Love
Genre: Romance/Mystery
Author: Akanksha S.
Style: Ink
Episodes: 7 (ongoing)
Description: One day, you wake up and your mom is gone. Will you be able to find her in time and also true love along the way?


I would also love to do some read4reads. So if you’re interested in reading a story with the perfect combo: romance and mystery, check out my story Mad Love! I would appreciate it a lot! And if you’re looking for read for reads, then feel free to dm me on Instagram or private message me here. Thanks :heart:


Hey I started to read your story and I plan on reading more later. Just wanted to tell you I loved the story. The intro into the story was really cool and the Spotify playlist is a new idea I’ve heard of people doing so that’s cool.


Just give me the story as shown in the format given and I will. :slight_smile:


Hi, I’ll read your story and leave you fanmail if you leave me fanmail.


Story Title: In the Shadows
Author: Winter05
Genre: Drama, I guess.
Description: The unnoticed, behind glasses. Will you step out the shadows or remain in the dark?
Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
Review (yes/no?): Yes please.
Where you want to receive feedback: PM please.

Thanks so much.


Hi I would love to do a read for read with you :blush:
I am a new writer and only recentry published my story
Story Name: It’s complicated.
Author Name: Jamie
Genre: Drama/Action/Comedy
Description: Bryonie wants a happy family. A life she never got the chance of having. What happens when everything goes tragically wrong? Will she get revenge and her happy family?
Reveiw? (yes/no): If you would like to, not required
If you want a review, where? (public or pm): pm please it’s easier for me to keep up with it :blush:
Additional Info: I will read your’s really soon :blush:


Hey I just wanted to let you know that I read the first two episodes. I like the story so far, I like how you can tell that the main character is really torn up by her mom missing and I think the use of text effects in the coversations are really nice. I definitely wanna read more when I have a chance to.


Story Name: Domestic Violence
Author Name: Aurora Trentino
Genre: Action
Description:Susan is abused by her husband Victor, who holds the biggest secret over her head, will she be able to escape him and will she fall in love again? FIND OUT NOW!
Reveiw? (yes/no) Yes please
If you want a review, where? (public or pm): public


Thank you


Hey everyone!

I’d like to promote my story called Upside Down here.
Below you can find the information you need to try it out.

Story Name: Upside Down
Author Name: Alphan
Genre: Romance, Drama, Mystery
Description: June escaped her previous life. Will she meet people who will love her or will her old enemies destroy her again?
Reveiw? (yes/no): if you’d like it, I’d love to get one!
If you want a review, where? (public or pm): pm or Instagram please!
Additional Info: my instagram is: alphan.episode

Please make sure to follow me on Instagram to contact me or for sneak peeks of the story!

I’m up for read for reads as well, contact me on Instagram for that, please!



Thank you so much for the lovely feedback! and taking the time to read my story! Glad to know you’ll continue :slight_smile:


Hey, just finished the first three episodes. I think it’s an engaging story, as sad as the story is, and overall it’s pretty good. One note I would make is that when Victor hits Susan, he is in the layer behind her. Just to improve on that, in those scenes, I would recommend just making to sure to have Victor in a layer above Susan. The episodes are a little short but to me that’s not a big deal. There’s also very few choices which doesn’t hurt the story but having choices, where you are able to, can make the reader feel more invested in the story. Otherwise I think it’s a good story and I’ll continue to read it when I have the time.


Hi, I just published my new story!
Please check it out and tell me what you think about it :slight_smile:

Story Name: When The Heart Speaks
Author Name: Bellarina CH
Genre: Romance/Drama/Comedy
Style: Limelight
Features: Character customization, LGBT option, Multiple endings!
Description: You dated, but never been in love. When you unintentionally playing with their hearts, now it’s time to play your own game. Will your heart finally speaks to you?

Number of Chapters out: 3 (ongoing)
Story Link:
Review? (yes/no): Only if you’d like to :slight_smile: not required
If you want a review, where? (public or pm): Either is fine with me
Additional Info: Please don’t hesitate to share your opinion about the story. You can mail me through episode or you can follow my instagram for sneak peeks and updates too!
my IG @bellarina.episode
Thank you!


Thanks I appreciate the feedback, glad you enjoyed it!:sweat_smile: I will definitely remember that for the next story I write.


Title(s): Totally Bad
Author Name: Anz
Genre(s): romance
Style: ink
Story Description: Carlee is a bad girl who’s got everything figured out. Everything except Jake of course.
Episodes Released: 4 (ongoing)
Link: having trouble but read for read and fan mail would be helpful!


I’m getting to yours tonight, can’t wait to read it. And thanks so much K! <3