Read for read: new authors

I would love to do a read for read with new authors!
I have only just released my story and would be really really grateful to do a read fro read with people.
Please reply to my message and include:

  1. If you have read my story
  2. The title of the story
  3. The genre of the story
  4. The description
  5. The author
  6. The cover
  7. The link (if possible)

Title: Death by the sea
Genre: Mystery
Description: Ten friends go on an anual Easter trip to make memories… ones they’ll never forget!
Author: beefyGirl

Screenshot 2020-10-29 at 21.32.58


bump !

I’m so sorry, but what does that mean?
I’m new to the forums and don’t know many text slangs.

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I just had a look at the defintion of it, and I still don’t get it. Lmao :rofl:

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I know that I’m texting a lot, but I understand what it means now.
Would you consider doing an r4r?

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i would, but my story isn’t out yet sorry :cry: but i’ll definitely read your story once i get my phone :pleading_face: :white_heart:


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np !

I know that this is an odd question to ask out of blue, but do you know of any techniques to get more reads on an episode story?

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Keep promoting on the forums and IG do r4rs. and update your chapters

I will do this. I just sent myself the link to your story and will read it tomorrow, then reply.

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Moved to Promote Your Story. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :smiley:


Title: “What is This Thing Called Love?”
Writer: GRH
Genre: Romcom / Scifi
Completion Status: 8 Episodes out, more on the way.
Logline: “An alien comes to Earth to study Love. Not content to merely observe, she decides to experience everything for herself and sets her sights on her cute neighbour.”
Choices: CC, some outfits.

Would like to do a r4r with you!!! Will start it by tomorrow

Title: The Precarious Betrayal
Ig: __queen_episode
Genre: Romance
Author: Queen Jay
Style: Limelight
Chapter: 12 (on going)
Description: Queen Robinson thought that her life was falling apart. Trust was broken and it may be hard to build back. Will she be able to love another?A love story turned bitter. 2 LI CC

Link to The Precarious Betrayal

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My phone is dead at the moment, but I will send you a screenshot when I have finished.
Btw, it sounds awesome!

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With me or GRH?

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Bookmarked, will read ASAP!

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with the both of you!!! will start yours in a while!!

ok great!!! when i am done with hers i will get started with yours!!!

Hey Hun I’m done with your story!!! Here are the screenshots!