Read for Read: New Fantasy Stories!


Hi guys! I’ve published 7 chapters of Love Across Time and would love feedback! I’m also looking to read new stories so please share yours below. :heart_eyes:

1.Title of the story: Love Across Time (on-going)
2.Name of the author: Therese (handle is @DCDarling on Epi)
3.Story genres: Fantasy & Romance
4.Story style: Ink
5. Story summary: Become Princess Aurelia as she sets out on an epic journey across time and space. Discover love, awaken adventure, and conquer evil. Customize main characters.
6. Inspirations: Stardust, Enchanted, Game of Thrones
7. Link to read:


I’d love to read for read! Could you dm me on insta or reply back so we can make sure we’re on the same page? Here is my story
Title: A Twist Of Faith
Author: Lexi Lu
Genre: Fantasy
Description: Faith’s life does a complete 180 when Destiny shows up in her room to explain Faith must save her old friend Damian’s life, and her own. Will she be able to in time?
Style: Limelight
Instagram: @episode.lexilu


Hi Lexi! I would love to read your story! I will read it tonight and DM you with any thoughts. Thank you so much for writing to me. :smiley:


Hey. I’d love to do a read for read. If you leave me fanmail, I’ll leave you fanmail. If you give me any thoughts, I’ll give you my thoughts. :slight_smile:

This is a story he writing group I’m in (Episode Royalty) have written.

Story Title: Thorns
Description: Rose, in need for more advanced medicines for her sister’s illness, moves to the big city. Desperate, she joins a secret spy agency and soon learns how prickly her thorns can be.
Style: Ink
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 5 (ongoing)

Winter & Episode Royalty :crown:


Thank you, Winter! Can’t wait to read this one. :smiley:


I’m starting the first of yours now. Let me know once you’ve read mine. I’m going to leave you fanmail, so leave me fanmail. I don’t mind if you do a review or not. :slight_smile:


Sounds fab! I won’t get to it until tonight, but will definitely leave a fanmail! <3


Sent you a PM with your review. :wink:


Hi! I’d love to read your story, please let me know when you start!

Author: E.Z.
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Ink
Chapters: 8 (on going)
Instagram: @e.z.episode
Description: He starved himself for three hundred years in order to abide by a woman’s promise. Everyone in Devildom is waiting for him to die.


Hi! I would love to read your story too! The plot is very intriguing. :smiley: I have time to read it tonight, will send a message and write fanmail once I am done! :blush:


I’ve finished your story, it’s really eye catching and unique! Hope to see more! And your directing is impeccable! Here’re some screenshots.


Thank you so much! :blush: I am in the middle of reading yours now and I am so obsessed so far. The plot is really creative and unique. Will send some screenshots and write fanmail when I’m done tonight. :sunglasses:


Hi Castino! I read all 8 chapters and can’t wait for more. The plot is so inventive, love the directing and the characters are so different. I love that you’ve created a whole new universe of demons, so imaginative. Some of my fave screenshots here. :wink: Also, left you some fanmail. :heart_eyes:


Your story sounds awesome! I’m gonna read it today. :slight_smile:

I just uploaded my very first story (:


Hi there! I would love to read your story! I’ll have time this weekend. After I read, I will DM you and send you fanmail. :smiley:


Thank you! I’ll send you fanmail too! :smiley:


Ugh, I love your story!


Aww thank you so much! :heart::heart: I love the screenshots you took!


:joy: I like how you said ‘ugh’ first :smile: Thank you for reading! I’ve actually had your story saved in my favorites, I’ll read it today :sparkling_heart:


Hehe :laughing: It’s being revamped actually, so I would recommend reading it once I’m finished :see_no_evil: Thanks for the support tho :heart: