Read for read 💕 [OPEN]

I’m back at it again with a new read for read forum! :grin:

Comment your story information and put the link also on it, so I can easily find it. I accept every story, published or non-published!
First, you have to read the first 3 chapters of my story. If you like my story, you can continue reading of course :wink: If you wish an other amount chapters, then we can discuss that.
Send a screenshot of the amount chapters you’ve read or make screenshots through the story as proof and sent it to me by PM on the Episode forum. I only start reading your story when I have the screenshot(s)!

I’ll make screenshots while reading your story and sent it to you by PM on the Episode forum.
I’m not a scammer, don’t be one too! :blush:
I’m not a person who will give hate or talk negative about your story. Do the same! :heart:
Have patience, I also have a private life :slight_smile:

Interested? :grinning:
Then what are you waiting for? Comment now :heart::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The waiting list

@StarzzyRossie (sent by PM) - waiting for screenshots
@TamiRose - Done :white_check_mark:
@Lizzie.epi - Done :white_check_mark:
@Reenababee - Done :white_check_mark:
@remone - screenshot received, reading story
@JenyJ - waiting for screenshots

Information about my story
Story title: Forbidden Love
Name author (so me): Lili Star
Genre: Romance and a little bit of comedy
Story style: INK
Story caption: Princess Amanda never thought that she would have feelings for a girl, which is forbidden. Until she met Vanessa, the gorgeous sister of prince Roberto who she has to marry.
Episodes: 7, but more are coming soon!
Important information: This is my first story, so it is not the best, but you can still enjoy it. There are also not many choices. There is no CC and sounds/music are since chapter 4.
Here is the link:

My Instagram: @lili_on_episode
Here can you DM me for questions and for discussing our read for read session.
If you follow me, I will follow back :two_hearts:

Here is the (small) cover:

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I know u

U went my school

I’m interested in r4r. I have 4 chapters

Lost Summer Love

Crazy love. Wacky friends. Unnecessary drama. How will Evan and Sierra make it through this crazy thing called, life

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Hi :blush: I would love to R4R!
Here is my story :revolving_hearts:
Title : Set me on fire
Author : Lizzie C.
Style : Limelight
Genre : Drama, Romance
Episodes : 3 (on going)
Description : Ellen’s a young and ambitious girl with a bright future. What will happen when she meet HIM? Arrogant billionaire with a broken soul. Will she set his heart on fire or he’ll darken her soul? Story based on a true events. [ CC, ART, choices matter ]
My IG : lizzie.epi
Link :
Story cover :

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Here you go. Read 4:

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New story:
Rise of Uthutia
Episodes: 3
Genre: Fantasy
Description: During your Coronation, your Kingdom is overthrown. Make decisions to gain allies as you fight to take back Uthutia.
CC / CC of Love Interest / Choices Matter / Mini-Games

I have unlimited passes so I am willing to do R4R if you want to and then I’ll go ahead and read yours

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: The Rise of Uthutia

Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along

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Thank you! I will read your story as soon as possible :blush:

Here are the screenshots :heart:
Awesome story, good job!

Title : Hannah Miler’s Mystery
Author: Remone
Story genre :Mystery
Story style :lime light
Description: Hannah Miler was brutally killed in the woods.Will Ser be able to solve the mystery of Hannah miler’s death and will able to find the killer ?.And how is Ser related to Hannah.(CC)


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Done and done.

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Thank you!
I will read your story as soon as possible :blush:

Thank you so much hun :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Completed 4 chapters waiting for ss frm u

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Ty! :blush:

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Hi! I’m a new writer here on episode and this is my first story.
Please give a read, I finally published all the chapters!
I’m open for suggestions too.

Title: Love, April
Author: Jeny Jacob
Description: A new place, A new project, A hot boss and an annoying room mate.
What happens when love gets mixed into all of this? (COMPLETED)

Thanks a lot!

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