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Title: Roses Are Red
Genre: Mystery
Author: The Button Bop
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 5
Synopsis: In 1955, 6 girls are invited to a mysterious house. But what awaits inside are secrets that have been kept for centuries, and a complicated game waiting to be played.
Status: Finished

Good old ink my all time favourite​:joy::two_hearts:

I am interested in doing a r4r with you, here are my story details:

Title: Perfect 10
Author: Poury
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 4 so far
Cindy has always pursued a modelling career. If only she knew what awaited her, rivalry, scandals and above all her hot tempting boss.
Link: Episode Writer Portal

Hey, I finished your story. Here’s proof:

It was pretty good. I saw another story like that and I really enjoyed it. I like the use of black and white to show the difference from the 1950’s to today. Your direction is pretty solid and the twists and turns aren’t expected. Thank for sharing. Please read mine

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I did just finish reading the first three chapters of your story!

Hi, thank you for this thread.
I hope you’re having a great day or night. :blush:
You can choose any stories you want. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m down to do any R4R with you :hugs:

Avenge Me

Story name: Avenge Me revamping soon
Story Description: After losing her mother, Dulce stopped believing in love. When she sets out on a secret agent mission to uncover who killed her mother, will she find hope at last? Can she find out the truth and secret that was kept away all these year. Limited CC, 2LL (Human&Vampire)
Genres: Drama, Action, Fantasy
How many chapters: Chapter 1-56 is now out. :butterfly: fully complete.
How many love interests: 2 LL
CC or Limit CC: Limited CC
Music or Sound: Yes both
Choice: Just clothes and Hairstyle free
Small Cover:

Story Link:

Episode Writer Portal

Key To My Heart

My other story is a sequel to Avenge Me.
Key To My Heart
Genres: Drama, Action, Fantasy
How many chapters: Chapter 1-11 is now out. :butterfly: more coming soon
How many love interests: 1LL
CC or Limit CC: Full CC
Music or Sound: Yes both
Choice: Just clothes and Hairstyle free
Small Cover:

Story Link:

Episode Writer Portal

Story description: After, 4 years Catalina returns home. Catalina, is a single person. She, is in love with her old best friend. Christopher, a single father. With a broken heart. Christopher vowed never to fall in love again. Can Catalina help him find this key to this heart. Full CC 1LL Sequel.

My Instagram is @daisy.rodriguezepisode
Please stay safe. :hugs::pray:t2::heart:

Thank you so much :blush:. I will read your story but it might take a while I hope that’s okay.

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I finished your story. It was ok, but nothing really new. I mean I’ve read a lot of stories about modelling where and angry blond woman hates you. It’s not to say your story is bad or anything, it’s just well-tread territory. It’s nice to read and all and your direction is good. It’s just like I’ve felt like I’ve read this kind of story many times before. Good luck xx


You want to do read for read? This is my story:
I need to probably update the cover and stuff cause it’s not good. But plz lmk how you like it

I appreciate your opinion, but it has or will have more to it than that, and tbh i didnt read that many stories about fashion maybe I am messing out.

Here is my story for anyone who is interested :)) I’m open to r4r and g4g :wink:

Story Name: A Touch Of Heaven
Genre: Romance/Drama
Number of episodes: 11 (ongoing) (season one complete)
Style: Limelight
Instagram: kvds_writes
One love interest
Art scenes

Description: As a young and reserved girl, Elisa experiences many challenges. Her life takes a significant turn when meeting a handsome stranger. Will lies and secrets break her further?

Story cover:

Please don’t steal anyone’s artwork!


I have read a lot about fashion and modelling on here. Like I said, I don’t think it’s bad, just didn’t offer me anything new. I didn’t mean to offend you

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Hi there, I just finished you story. Here are some screenshots from the final chapter as proof:

It’s not a bad little story. There are some parts that you see a fair bit on episode. By far the best thing of your story is the single father aspect. There are so many single mother stories and it’s really nice to read about a single father for once. Your direction and gramma are fine. Overall, not too bad a read. Thanks for sharing.
Please read mine.

I’m starting your story right now :smiley::hugs:


I absolutely loved your I can’t wait to keep reading more of your story I hope princess Dominique get back home to her kingdom :hugs::blush: I absolutely loved your direction :blush::smiley:

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I finished your story. Here’s proof:

It was such a treat to read an INK story again. I really liked your story. It was great to read something different. Your story is very funny and I got a lot of laughs out of it. Thank you for sharing :blue_heart:

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Aww thank you :hugs:
Such kind words. So glad someone appreciates my work :heart::blue_heart:

Aww thank you, that means so much to me! I’m almost done with your story, I’ll send a screenshot once I’m done!

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I’ve finished your story. It took me a while. There were a few chapters I ended up re-reading due to the updates.
It wasn’t too bad. Very well directed, interesting characters and a intriguing plot. It did drag on a little bit at times, but overall it was an interesting story and quite well written. Thanks for sharing x

Waiting on

Thank you so much for this thread.
Here’s my story
I’d love to do r4r

Story name-Sinister Love
Author - Mikasa and Panda
Genre- Thriller
Story style- Crime thriller (limelight)
Description- A rich and frivolous boy suddenly discovers his dark side… What impact will it have on others? Can anyone survive his murderous clutches or will everyone fall prey?
What to expect?
Full CC, 1 LI, art scenes, point systems, mini games, choices
Link- Episode Writer Portal

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