Read for read: Princess Dominique

I’ve finished your story. Here’s proof:

It was quite well-written and you made real good use of backgrounds and overlays. The time and effort you put into all the little details made it all worth the effort. Although I must admit I liked “Spaced out@m” better. Thanks for sharing.
Please read mine

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Of course, Spaced out is a very amusing story and both the genres are way different from each other.
Mine is of thriller and Spaced out is comedy.
So yeah😅… People would love to read that more

Anyways I’ll read your story soon
How many chapters though?
I’ve already done r4r with you once so if I may, did you re read it?
I can see ss of ep 8 only

Anyways let me know how many chapters do i need to read

Oh no I did not finish 9. Let me read that now and you can read 9 of mine

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Sorry, here is the final chapter:

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I’m done with yours:)

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Thank you :heart:

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Yeah. Why not

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Ok thank you, I’ll get started on yours tomorrow xx


I’m doing read for read for 4 chapters

Ok I’ll start yours immediately

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I will start yours too and please send some the link to your story

Title: Princess Dominique’s Adventure On Earth.
Author: Aliceproductions.
Genre: Comedy/Fantasy.
Style: Ink.
Number of chapters: 11 (+ one bonus chapter.)
Synopsis: Warrior Princess, Dominique is transported to our world and stuck here. How will she cope here and will she ever make it back?
Multiple choices, different endings and no gems required (or even asked.)
Link: Episode Writer Portal
Instagram: Aliceproductions.


Chapter 1 done

Hello! Thank you for this thread. I just published 3 chapters of my new story and would love to do a R4R!

Author: Llamadrama
Title: Mystery of Cherry Street
Genre: Mystery
Description: Supermodels: Katie and her two best friends move into a house together, but strange things start happening. Will she uncover the mysteries of Cherry Street? And maybe find love? LL

  • No CC
  • No gem choices besides support the author at the end
  • Mystery/horror/drama/romance all in one!

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Mystery of Cherry Street

Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!


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Will do the same

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Ok I’ve read your first two chapters. I’ll send screenshots of the last when I’m done

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Ok dear. Thank you and I will send your 3 more chapters and total will be four

Here you are:

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Thank you Hun and I’m sending your own soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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