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(Im coming out with 1 quick game-ish story soon, so follow me for that! I’m Also working on a book called Underground, so also follow me to get a quick sneak peek on that! :tipping_hand_woman:t5::tipping_hand_woman:t5::tipping_hand_woman:t5:


When you pick what style you want to use it also asks if you want to use full body or spot light as that is called. You clicked spot light instead of full body, that’s why it looks like that

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I think you have to make a new story, idk tho
@Apes @amberose @Dara.Amarie @lanafrazer_episode are all people that can help!

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Okay, thanks so much for helping as much as you can, Sky. I think i’ll save time and just copy and paste into a new story!


Kk! Glad I could help somewhat!

Yep, Sky is right, you’ve gotta copy and paste it into a new story if you want it to show the whole body and stuff. :+1:

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or you could put in your script set format cinematic in every chapters if i’m not wrong

that only works for the reverse


dosent work if you pick spotlight