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Hello, I’d love it if everyone would take the time to read my new story. I have 4 episodes posted so far, and I am currently working on the 5th one. I know my cover art, isn’t the best… but I’m working on getting a piece done by a friend. R4R so send me your story on Instagram!!!

Title: Remember Him
Author: SamiSweetheart
Genre: Romance/Fantasy
Description: Imogen’s never felt like she belonged in our world. So, when she meets a new man who makes her feel like home, she can’t help but question everything. Will she find out the truth? (CC, LL,)

My instagram is @samisweetheart_episode – Please follow me, or DM me with questions or comments!!
Thanks for this thread!


Hi everyone I want to share my both stories :two_hearts::two_hearts:

You could choose any stories you like to do r4r with me :smiley:

Also if you want to do S4S (Share4Share)

If you share my story and I’ll share your story on my Instagram :grinning::heart:

I love support small author on episode :smiley::heart:

My first stories is called She Lost Her Faith

Story name: She Lost Her Faith
Why should the reader read my story: I want to start a story for a long time if they will like to my read my story it had some good vampire and also human I want to make a story that will be different that could be a vampire and human working together has a great people
Story Description: Dulce lost her mother at a young age lost completely in faith, love. But can she find out the secrets, lies that was kept away all these years. 2LL Limited CC (Human & Vampire)
Genes: Drama, Action, Fantasy
How many chapters: 19 more to come
How many love interest: 2 LL
CC or Limit CC: Limit CC
Instagram daisyrodriguezepisode
Music or Sound: Yes both

Link to my story

Credit by episode_katherinee for the Story Banner

My new cover credit by Jade135

Here is my second stories but it sequel story of Devon
Cover credit by arora.episode and follow them both on Instagram
Cover: Falling_For_Esteban_Garcia_Cover

Story: Falling For Esteban Garcia
Why should the reader read my story: It a sequel story of Dulce adopted sister Devon there will be some vampire also
Story Description: Esteban Garcia is an cold, heartless, rudeness, but can Devon try not to fall in love with Esteban. But there is a little problem they both have to work together Full CC 1LL
Genes: Romantic, Drama, Action, Fantasy

It will have full CC for Devon family and Esteban family
It will have Limit CC For Dulce family and Dulce boyfriend other characters

Sound & Music: Yes both
How many chapters: 3 but more to come
How many love interest: 1 LL only


Hello :wave::two_hearts:
Anyone interested to read my story ? :blush:

I published my story, hope you like it!
Title : My Strange Magical Dream
Genre : Fantasy
Style : LL
Chapters : 3 and more coming
Description : Every night, you have this strange yet magical dream with this mysterious person that appears in it. Would you be able to find out who was the person and the meaning of your dream?

My Instagram : Anasfa.EpisodeStory
Storylink :


Hi, I would like to do r4r with you :wink: But I don’t have ig, so we can pm or pass Ss here :slightly_smiling_face:
We can do 4x4, my story is mix of comedy/fantasy (optional romance), with cc and 1li.


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Hi, I would like to do r4r with you, write me which story I should read. I have 6ep out, so if you want 6x6 I can “mix” your stories, fe 3 from 1st and 3 from 2nd :slightly_smiling_face:
Pm me if your interested.
1li, cc, fantasy/comedy/romance.


Here’s my story I’d live to do a read for read :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Title: Espionage
Author: Simply_Sophie
Style: Ink
Genres: Action, Drama, Romance,
Main Genre: Action
Amount of chapters: 3
CC: No
Number of LI’s: 1 (but won’t be able to choose)
Story description: Aiden is a lethal CIA agent on the battle field, but on a team of the worlds best? While taking down an international threat romance, drama and the past catch up…

Instagram: Sophieb_epi


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I’d love to do r4r, if you’re interested (or anyone is interested) I’ll put my story details below, and you can PM me if you’re interested :blush:

Witch Hunters

Description: In a world where womens’ souls are stolen in a nefarious plot to destroy the world, will supernatural siblings Simon and Esmee be able to stop death?
Genre: Fantasy (with some adventure + romance)
Features: advanced directing, 2 LIs, LGBT paths (no need to choose for my bi and pan peeps :wink: ), some CC)


I read your story love and sent you a message on Instagram!

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Hello Lovelies, I will try my absolute best to get to reading everyone’s story that has posted above this message. :heart:

Once I am finished I will write you and let you know! Thanks everyone!! :wave::star_struck::+1:t3:

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I have a story if you or anyone wants to try it out!

Author: Syd Ren

Story: All for Me

Episodes: 4 (More coming)

Genre: Romance/Drama/Thriller

Type: Limelight

Instagram: Sydren_Episode

Description:He’s stern & powerful, nothing like you as a carefree artist working to make it in this world. What happens when you find yourself working for him? Can you obey? Or be disciplined?

Story Link:

Small Cover: All_for_Me_posterThumb_55ftOaNIPl

Large Cover: All_for_Me_posterImage_WFw2iaygyO

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i would love to do a r4r!

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i would love to do a r4r!

the boy next door
author: ꪀꪗꪶꪖ :honeybee:
style: ink
instagram: @nyla.stories or
episodes out: 2
description: violet moves to LA in attempt to escape her past, which constantly haunts her. as she begins to settle in things start to escalate very quickly once she meets the boy next door.

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Hello there and thank you for this thread!
I would love to do a R4R with you :two_hearts:

Story : Not so different
Author : Chocola
Description : You don’t look alike and you are not from the same world, but does it mean that it is impossible to fall in love ? You are not so different after all.
Genres : Fantasy, romance :heart:
Current chapters : 9 - Ongoing!
Follow me on IG : @chocola.writes

Here is the link :

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I’ll read your story soon

Ok, just tell me with story of yours (or both :slightly_smiling_face:?) and how many chapters :slightly_smiling_face:

1 Like you could use this one I read all 6 chapter


Sure, I’m on it :relaxed:

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take your time :blush:

Hey! This is my new story and I would like you guys to read it.
Description-People say opposites attract but if they were meant to be together what can we do.
Two lovers,two mafia and one mission .What could go wrong?Follow Caesar and Zaiden to know more

Story includes-Art scenes,overlays,warnings,different background,lots of fun,music…


Story link-

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to post a quick update.
I have read the following stories, and will start on my new list soon.

Already Read:

  • She Lost Her Faith- By: Daisy Rodriguez
  • My Strange Magical Dream- By: Anasfa.Episode.Story
  • When Worlds Collide- By: Carol.k.k
  • Espionage- By: Simply_Sophie
  • Witch Hunters- By: maddie.writes.stuff
  • All For Me- By: Syd Ren
  • Rebels In The Lake- By: Cherii F
  • The Boy Next Door- By: Nyla.stories
  • Not So Different- By: Chocola
  • Certified Princes- By: Kitty_Cardamone

Stories To Read:

  • Um Amor Mafioso- By: Emeline_writes
  • R&R The Academy- By: Shapsilon.epi (UnknownSnowFlake)
  • Secret Lover- By: Logan (maddy.writes)
  • The Thrill- By: Hannah (hannahfriend)
  • R&R Till Death Do Us Part- By: Baked Potato
  • R&R Justice- By: Bella_writes
  • Darker than Black- By: Flare8
  • DL: Love, Hate- BY: Ava. S
  • Out Of Love- By: Ria

I just wanted to thank each and everyone of you for posting on my thread! I have really enjoyed all of the stories I’ve read so far!.
Please send me a screenshot of my story after you’ve read it.
You all are amazing!! :heart_eyes: :slight_smile: :purple_heart:

Sending my love :heart: SamiSweetheart

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