Read For Read [R4R] Will post screenshots

So I have free time these coming days and I’d like to support small authors like me and promote my story as well.

I’m open for a read for read and to make things interesting, let’s post our favourite scenes from our stories!

Here’s mine:
Title: The Guy in the Picture
Author: scarlet.writes
Description: Two sisters, two chance encounters.
Anya had to pretend that the cute photobomb is her boyfriend. What if they meet in person?Meanwhile, a guy she sees everyday suddenly shows interest in Raven, but why?

Instruction: Post your favorite scenes from Chapters 1 to 3 (or 4 if you want :wink:) of my story and I’ll post my favourite scenes from Chapters 1-3 of your story.

Come on guys. Let’s do this! :grinning:

Hey, I’d be happy to do a R4R with you if you want! Here’s my story…

Title - All That Remains

Author - Ren

Instagram -

Genre - Adventure/Sci-fi with a little Romance, Drama, and Comedy

Style - INK

Number of Episodes - 7 (to be continued)

Link -

Description - Lily lives in a world that was completely destroyed by a meteorite many years ago. Will she be able to save the lives of her people or will they all perish instead? (CC) (M/F LI)

Features - Full-CC of MC, Semi-CC of love interests, male and female love interest branches, CHOICES MATTER, point system, advanced directing, art scenes, tappable overlays, mini-games

Hello, I’m interested in doing R4R with you. :relaxed: @episodeans @Natasha.Brown1

Story: The Lame Life of an Episodian

Author: Lia Lopez.

Current chapters: 19 - Ongoing.

Genres: Comedy, romance.

You are part of Team Drop It, a group of small authors who wants to be known on Episode! Will you all be able to win the affection of the readers? (CC)

My Instagram: lia_lopez_episode


Hey there! Check out my thread if you’re interested in R4R.

Promoted Stories

Hey I’m down for a read for read! I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Title: Identical
Author: Rachh
Genre: Mystery
Style: Limelight
Description: Violet has only lived a perfect life. But that perfect life is built on a dark secret. Will that secret stop her at a chance at love or will it ruin everything?