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Hey! I am writing a story called ‘Problems from the Past’ (Limelight, full CC, one love interest).
If you are interested in reading each other stories, it is better if you write me to DM @ sonia_episode_ so we can discuss it.

About my story:
Ashley lives happily with her boyfriend and best friends. But everything goes upside down when Ashley’s friend from the past comes again in her life.

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Hey, if you’re still up for a read for read, I just released my story last night! I have 3 chapters up so far with 3 more to come before the week is over…As long as all of my overlays are approved! Here is the info…

Title: The Pulse
Author: ShannFergg
Description: Shan lands her dream job, but with it comes drama, scandal, and murder… Can she navigate her way through her crazy, new life, or will she become consumed by it?

Here is the link…


I’ll do a r4r! but i ask for and give screen shots for proof.

Here’s my story info

Title: One Spy Too Many

Author: Mi

Description: Kari is a spy in love but what will happen when a new recruit comes along and threatens both her relationship and her mission.



Instagram: mi_episode.interactive

Hi, thanks for this thread :heart:
Here’s my story.
Falling For Bad :skull:
Plot : Two ex-best friends,one with anger problems and one with cyclothymia disorder.
Both are bad for Kate,but one is going to win her heart.
[LL,CC,Point System,Choice Matter,Minigames]
Episodes : 9
Status : On going
Gerne : Romance & Drama :heart_eyes: & :pensive:
Style : Limelight
CC : Available :white_check_mark:
Also : In my story, I use New Backgrounds other from Episode’s Art Catalogue and Overlays .
My story contains, Minigames & Point System and your choices matter and affect your status with the characters! :smile:
Link :

Story Cover [Made by me] :

Hey Guys, this is my first story and I would love for you to read it.

Author: Tony B.
Genre: Romance
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 4 (more coming soon)

Description: Living in a city with a serial killer has always been stressful but when you meet a person who has the potential to steal your heart things don’t look as bad. That is until they disappear. Will you be able to find your love interest while also being targeted by a murderer? (LGBT option, CC)

I will Read for a Read

If you would like to do R4R please let me know

Title: Mission Love Tracker
Author: Iron Siren
Genre: ROM COM
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 10

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: MISSION LOVE TRACKER [10 out!]

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