Hey everyone! If anyone wants me to read their story, I will if you read mine. And also, I can give you feedback as well. Just be patient because I only have 4 passes at a time :joy:

Here are my story details:

Title: Royal or Hunter
Author: Eden Myers
Genre: Action

Just give me the details below and I’ll read it (just remember to read mine)

Hi I would love to read your story! I’m going to read it RN!
So here’s my story if you’re interesed in reading it! :slight_smile:
Here’s my story:
Title: Girlhood
Author: Oumnia
Genre: Drama
Description: Kethius might seem like any ordinary teenage boy but in fact he hides a unique secret…
Number of Episodes: 8 (ongoing)
Instagram: oo_anjj

ok i’ll read it rn

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I love yours! I’ll continue reading

Okay so I just read the first 3 episodes and I love it! I love the message it sends about expressing one’s gender even if they know they won’t be accepted. Good work so far!

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Thank uuu :kissing::kissing: I love your as well its similar to divergent and I like it :wink:

Hey guys, I am new here and just posted 3 episodes of my new story maybe you can check it out and say your opinions how to improve or whats missing, I would really appreciate it.
Story: “Aliaska”
Genere; “Romance”

Title: I’m Just Me
Author: SarahtheBeaut (Sarah)
Genre: Drama
Description: Alice is your typical “rebel teenager”, but what happens when she goes through self-discovery while facing problems, secrets, and heartbreak?
Story Link:
Insta: sarahthebeaut.epi
I’d appreciate it so much if you’d check it out! I’ll do a read for read!

I want to do a read for read…:blush:

Title: Mistaken Connection
Author: Priyanka
Style: Ink
Genre: Romance
Description: We all done so many wrong things in our life…But what happend when a best thing done by you unknowingly after a big mistake? Would you keep it or just leave it?:wink: Customize Characters

These are my details, and I’ll DM you after reading your story tonight…:slightly_smiling_face:

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