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So I’m a new author and I think my story is so good… but getting reads is hard which makes me think, maybe it’s not as amazing as I think hahaha (jk… sorta.) Of course there is always room for improvement on any project. I would love to do a R4R but also provide each other with real CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. If that is something you’d be open to drop your story below!!! All feedback should be exchanged via PM. If you aren’t looking for feedback still drop your story BUT let me know you’d like me to keep my opinions to myself :joy:. Any who my details are below. Also keep in mind this is my reveal entry so while I will listen to any helpful feedback I won’t actually make the changes until I’m allowed to do so again.

Title: Reveal: The Redo
Episodes: 4
Genre: Romance/Drama
Style: Limelight
An affair you left in the past, a secret threatening your future. No one said being 19 was easy. But it’s harder when you’re really 36. Can you keep your double life hidden? Full CC.

IG: Bella_writes21

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