Read for read: Santa Wars

Hi and Merry Christmas. For this holiday season I’ve published my own Christmas story. I’d love to share and do a read for read with people.
I will read your entire story to the end and I expect you to do the same for mine. If you would like a review, please ask and I will provide one. Hope to start reading your stories soon!

Author: Aliceproductions
Title: Santa Wars
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 6 (complete)
Description: Denied a remote controlled boat yet again, Dale is fed up with Santa’s stinginess and decides to take things into his own hands…
Style: INK


Hi AJ! I’d be interested in doing a r4r with you. :blush:

Ok send me your story

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Cool. Here’s my link:

I’ll begin your story right now.

And do you have Instagram? I’ve been having trouble sending screenshots on the forums app, but I can send them on Instagram :blush:

Sure. It’s Aliceproductions

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Awesome! Thank you :grinning:

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Thanks for this thread.
I would love to do a r4r with you if you’re interested.
And I’m also willing to do a r4r with anyone interested.
Title: Dark Power Of Terra
Author: Alibest
Genre: Fantasy
Style: limelight
Three chapters so far
Link here:
Description: Ally never had a normal life because of her trauma, her life takes an unexpected turn when her past finally catches up to her and it turns out that the life she knew was a lie.
My Instagram: @Alibest_episode

Odessa and Ally98 stories finished.

Thanks guys keep ’em coming

Thank you for this thread. :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

If anoyes interested in a Read4Read or Gem4Gem please let me know. :open_book: :gem:

Title: The Constant Journey

Episodes : 11

Author: Mystic.Ceb

Description: Esmee has been searching for someone she lost a long time ago. With motherhood and being the top arms dealer around, she has a lot going on. Will the lost ever become the found?

Genre: Action

Style: Limelight

My Amazing! Phenomenal! cover by: TheMidJunes on forums



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Hey @AJ_PELZER I’ll do R4R with you! My story is:


Title: The After

Description: 5 years post-apocalypse, you’re just trying to get by – when several events transpire that strip you to your core. Can the past heal who you’ve become?

Genre: Thriller / Post-apocalypse (zombies)

Features: LL, 4+ LIs or Solo, LGBTQ, Choices MATTER!, Points System, Advanced Directing w/ lots of overlays, Full CC for MC and Partial CC for LIs, Semi-Open Interactive Environment in some chapters

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Hi please check out my story too. It means so much to me
I also do R4R
Name: The Foreteller
author: Dreamer in Shadows
genre: mystery comedy
description: Neviah sees weird dreams when she’s sleeping. Can she use her ability to find out the truth about her early life with the help of a friend?

All done xx

Thanks to every who read my story


Here’s my story. :hugs:


And some sneak peeks as well.

If you’re interested in my story, we can do 6x6.:blush:
If ever, can we talk in ig?

All read. :heart: