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Heyy I’m doing read for read the link to my story is inserted below.

Here’s the link:

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AW:Reversed I would love to do a r4r
3 episodes

My first story!! Please support me by giving it a shot.

Title Love is always Blind
Author: Rand Nasan
Description: Summer has come and a magnificent trip is on the way, however, would it go as planned? or would life interfere and flip everything upside down?
Style: LimeLight
Chapters: 3 and ongoing


Falling For Bad :skull:
Plot : Two ex-best friends,one with anger problems and one with cyclothymia disorder.
Both are bad for Kate,but one is going to win her heart.
[LL,CC,Point System,Choice Matter,Minigames]
Episodes : 18 [One last Chapter to be completed]
Status : On going
Gerne : Romance & Drama :heart_eyes: & :pensive:
Style : Limelight
CC : Available :white_check_mark:
Also : In my story, I use New Backgrounds other from Episode’s Art Catalogue and Overlays .
My story contains, Minigames & Point System and your choices matter and affect your status with the characters! :smile:
Link :
My IG : @nellyy.epi

Story Cover [Made by me] :

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Here is my story, R4R?
Title: Me & The Playboy
Author: Senada
Description You are forced to marry Andre, a well-known rich and handsome playboy. Will you eventually fall in love with him, or will he just break your heart? CC

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Vienna by OR

Genre: Romance, Crime, Mystery, Comedy
Description: Detective Vienna Sloane partners with SWAT specialist Blade Santana–In a battle against crime, creatures of the night, and their own cosmic chemistry, does true love triumph evil? (CC) (LL)

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Why y’all should read my story 1. It’s new! And underrated I’ve been told I’d really like for people to check it out I just published yesterday. The characters have lots of comedic bickering following episode 1 since that was the story introduction and it is a crime supernatural romance

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