Read for read with screenshots

R4R with ss. 6x6 or less.
When I get your ss via pm then I’ll start yours.

(Please don’t post ss in this thread, ty)

**STORY: Lace of the Matter

I would love to do read for read :blush:
So here is my story:
Author: AnjitaD
Title: Master of elements
Genre: Fantasy
Episodes: 3(more coming soon)
Description: Will you and your friends able to save the world from darkness as you uncover secrets back 500 years ago ? (Time choices points system, adventure, fantasy, mystery and action)
Style: Limelight
Link :

Instagram I’d: @ad_stories.episode

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Title: Magicka: Ethereal
Genre: Fantasy
author/insta and evrywhere els: line123462
Description: walking back to college from work you find an unconscious man, while waiting for an ambulance a magic creature hides in your backpack, but other people are looking for that creature too. people who are not human but something more magical. but are you trusting the right people.

link :

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Here’s mine, I’m read to start reading rn If you are:kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

Title: Just Friends 4&5

Author: Emma

Genre: Drama/Romance/Mystery

Style: LL

Episodes: 5 released (more coming)

Description: Returned home after 1.5 year. People are not the same, but neither are you. But everything goes downhill when last year’s problems reappears.


Ok sure in 40 mins.I’m reading one right now. Will Message you.

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I’m ready whenever you are

Story: Dare to Kiss!

Author TamiRose

Style: LL

Genre Romance/Comedy

Description Neoni, independently strong, confident and all about her business. But, that all changes when a nosy spy unnecessarily enters her life. Will she get rid of him or fall in love?


Ok sure, I’ll message you in the next 4 hours when my passes recharge. I have emma’s story to read before yours.

No problem

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Hi, are you ready?
I’m ready now, it finally refilled :blush:

Yeah, I’ll read yours now.

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Where can I post the ss? These things are too exquisite to post here lol.

lol you can PM me. I’ll send you a message.

Thread is still open.

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Title: Feel My Pulse
Author: Abby
Genre: Romance/mystery/fantasy
Instagram: @abby_stories

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I can do a r4r :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here’s my story infoo :partying_face:
I hope you like it :blob_hearts:
Story Blank Canvas
Author IG @nicollee.writes
Genre Fantasy
Summary Stella has always felt a part of her was missing. The night of her 18th birthday secrets start to unfold. How will she manage love, power and war? | CC ART 2LI

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@AbbyBlack, @nicollee.writes, finish both of your stories already. 5 each… Just letting you all know lol

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Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ll get started on yours!

Sure :slight_smile:

I’d love to do a R4R! I’ll have to do yours tomorrow though- it’s quite late here. BUT I will! :smiley:
My story info:
Title: Blind Date
Author: Cole
(Here’s the cover in case -like me- links have stopped working for you.)

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Sure, I’m done with yours.

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