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I do R4R… ^^
Genre: Romantic
Style: Ink
Description: Jade has been humiliated by Max on her first day of college. She begins to grow hatred for him and decides to take revenge. What will happen to Jade?
Episodes: 11 (Ongoing)
Instagram: @r.es_story



@gisellec what to do R4R with me? If you have instagram… we can talk there.


I do actually! its gisellepisode :slight_smile:


omg okay i can tell this story is going to break my heart already and i’m not ready. your directing is amazing! like seriously teach me your ways lol. just a really good storyline so far and i can’t wait to read more! i read up to the third episode :slight_smile:


Aw thank you so much :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: my heart definitely aches writing it.
I’ve finished your story. What a lovely story, I really enjoyed reading it!


TITLE: No Strings Attached
AUTHOR: Alyce Winter
GENRE: Drama, romance, mystery … all the good stuff
DESCRIPTION: You decide to get involved with an attractive stranger. What happens when you’re wrapped up in more drama than you can handle? So much for no strings…


Heyy, I’d love to do an R4R! :smile:

Title: Wounded Souls
Author: SarahLuv
Genre: Thriller, Romance, Drama
Style: INK
Instagram: epi.sarahluv
Episodes: 5 (more coming soon)
Description: Shanelle and Rowan both live similar lives. Full of abuse and sadness. They’ll help to mend one another. But, little do they know, that something much sinister is going on…
Story Link:


Hi there @littlelibra , i’d love to do a R4R :smile:
I’ve read your story and i really enjoyed it, love the backgrounds they are really pretty! My only feedback is for the spot directing of characters when they are far…sometimes its a bit off and characters tend to pop up from nowhere in beginning of scenes but i think thats episodes glitch

but other than that i really enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Here is my story details:

Title: Beauty in Melancholy
Author: Clotho
Instagram; @clotho.episode
Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
Genre; Romance, Slice of life, drama, with a little comedy
Style: INK
Description: Silver is an introvert who just started Uni, her life took a massive turn after meeting a group of people in one fateful yet crazy night




Thank you so much! :sunny:


Title: College Days: Behind Closed Doors
Author: JessDeBest
Genre: Drama/Mystery
Style: INK
Story Description: College is all fun and games until you discover what’s behind closed doors. Students disappear one by one, and you’re going to get to the bottom of it.
Instagram: @iwrite.stories


I’d love to do R4r!
Name: The fragments of the past
Author: Kate B
Instagram name: kateb_episode
Description: Gang life is dangerous and after a tragedy Lily is not the same, will she ever believe in love again?
Chapters: 9
Genre: Action/ romance

Style: Ink



hey thanks so much for reading! yeah i’ve watched over my story a bunch and i think that must just be a glitch because it only happens sometimes! sorry about that

your story is really interesting! you’ve got great characters that clearly have a lot to them so it’ll be fun to keep reading about them! i was just wondering if the zoom is supposed to be like this at the beginning? and then it goes back to normal. if it is thats cool i just wasnt sure!


hi everyone! thank you all for responding, your stories look great :revolving_hearts:

just send me a quick screenshot if you’ve read any of my story and i will read yours too right away! i’ve responded to everyone that has :kissing_heart: just trying to avoid being ghosted because that unfortunately happens all the time as i’m sure you all know :roll_eyes:



Here you are here you go! :slight_smile:


Hi there! :slight_smile: Ah i see then its just an episode glitch, ur story is still wonderful

really happy that uve read them :blush: regarding the zooms yeah it is supposed to be that way…so basically it was just a dream and she couldnt make out the faces of whoever talks about her :smile:


hey sorry this took so long! great story! :blush:


I’d be happy to read more stories if anyone wants to read mine and send a screenshot! :revolving_hearts:


omggrjfjfj thank you so much :sob:


Hey everyone! I know we all want our stories read so I thought I’d start a new thread since all the others are so long!

I just posted my new story and I’d really love some new readers and to hear what people think! The last thread I made people weren’t actually doing the read for read so I’m just starting a new one. I’m more interested in romance, drama and comedy stories than the other genres. Message me screenshots of mine and I will read yours! I have full passes right now also so I’m ready lmao. And if I’ve already read yours feel free to put it below anyway to promote yourself to others!

Title : American Academy of Florence
Author: littlelibra
Instagram episode.littlelibra
Style: Limelight
Genre: Romance, Drama
Chapters: 3 (ongoing)
Description: New York socialite, Nova Sparks, is sent to the glamorous American Academy of Florence in Italy for her last year of high school where she meets the charming Elio Fiore. What does Florence have in store for them?
Link: !


Title : My Freedom
Author : AZN
Style : INK
Genre : Romance
Description : He’s an actor and he’s successful. That doesn’t stop Grey from chasing a shy girl like Ophelia, while being engaged to her cousin.
Instagram : @azn.stories
Link :

Small cover :