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Hey. You know the drill. Yeah. But i have rules and a few steps. If you dont follow them, your loss.

  1. Comment your story here. Use any format you want.
  2. As you know we can do as many chapters as you want. If you want over 7, that may take a while. Now, here is the thing, after you comment your story, you must PM me the screenshot of the cover indicating you read the first episode. Why first episode? Go to step 3.
  3. After you sent the screenshot. I will do the same and send a screenshot that i have read your first episode. Then if you want to do more episodes, you must send a screenshot that you read the second episode then I’ll do the same. Same with 3rd episode and so on. This is to keep anyone from ghosting me. So that passes wont be completely wasted. And remember. You have to PM me the screenshot. This is to keep anyone from stealing anyone else’s screenshots.

One more thing, put this password in your comment: password: boi
Also, just to share something with you, i had someone ghost me in r4r and yet she keeps replying to my other threads on r4r i hope she doesn’t show up here.
Here’s my info
Title A Divine Tale
Author: Emily M.
Genre: Fantasy
Description: Beings with power called divinus live in a world where they are hated by humans and are now being hunted by a psychopath. Can you stop her or will she get to you first?
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Now share this pic of Star Wars and have fun