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Hi everyone! I’m xoxopeony593. I just wrote my first new Story on Episode and I would greatly appreciate it if you went and read it! Feedback and suggestions are welcome, and I will also do Read for Reads! Post and promote your stories below and I’ll give you some advice and feedback! :slight_smile:

Author Name: xoxopeony593

Title: The Story of Persephone

Genre: Drama

Description: Persephone may seem like an ordinary girl in high school…Until two of her psycho ex boyfriends decide to ruin her life!


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Hi, I’m LivLoveDance7 and I am fairly new to episode. I have a story that I have started but unsure if I should continue. It would be great if you could read it and tell me what you think. Please give me advice as I am new!

Author Title LivLoveDance7

Title The Selection

Genre Romance

Description You are a contestant on ‘The Selection’ who wants anything to win the Princes Heart… and to be the future Queen. Who will win and how are you going to play the game…?

I have found your story xoxopeony593 and how followed you, I have just started to read your story and so far I think it’s great! I will appreciate it if you read mine!

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Hi there! I read your story “The Selection”, and I absolutely love it so far! I really think you should continue this story! The plot line is unique from other episode stories and it’s great! Keep up the great work and I hope to see more episodes from this story! :blush:

Thank you so much. I am continuing to read your story!

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Whenever you have finished reading my story, do you have any new ideas for what I can do in one of my episodes for The Selection. (eg: The beach day out was one)

Hey!) I’d be really glad to read your story!
And even more if you read mine as well:grin:

Title: Until You Knocked On My Door
Author: Julia
Style: Ink.
Genre Drama\romance
Number of Episodes:6 ongoing
Description: Life plays a cruel joke with us sometimes. And this girl is no exception. She couldn’t even imagine, that only ONE KNOCK on the door can turn her whole difficult life upside down.


Hey i’ll love it if you read my story. IT would mean the world to me!

Title: Engaged
Author: Navya Sallan
Genere: Comedy
Style: Ink

Description: What happens when you suddenly find out that you are engaged to a hot stranger in America and are forced to move to America with him!!



Here’s my story and I’ll read yours now since I have time.
Title: H&V: Our Story
Author: Ki_Writes
Style: Ink
Description: When Ava’s younger sister, Riley goes missing, she must work with a group of superheroes to save her.

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Hello everyone I’ll be reading all the stories that are suggested here and I hope you’ll do the same for mine.

Author: Name: Alliyah. C
Title: Labeled Single
Genre: Drama
Episodes are still being released

Bio: Your a famous Hollywood singer with a past ex who left you broken. His brother was there for you in comfort and you fall for him. But now your ex is back in town how do you cope?




Beautiful cover art!

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thank you !!

From the end of Episode 7, I think you should continue where you left off (where Emma gets the note, she should be meeting someone that the reader doesn’t easily expect), and you should add more plot twists and drama to keep your readers hooked! But honestly, I’m already obsessed with your story and I have no other suggestions! :slight_smile:

I will take a look at your story! Can’t wait to read it!

I really love the cover art! I will read your story! :slight_smile:

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Seems like a very interesting story! Can’t wait to read it!


Just read the description of your story and I think I’m obsessed already! Can’t wait to read your story! :slight_smile:


Yay a romantic mystery, two of my favorite genres combined! Can’t wait to read your story! :slightly_smiling_face:


TITLE: Mothers
AUTHOR: Rahdia
GENRE: Drama/Romance
STORY: Two women from two different backgrounds discover they are pregnant and decide to raise their children together. Can they put their differences aside before the babies come and discover what it truly means to be mothers?
EPISODES: 30 (Completed)

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I would love to do a read for read! DM if you’d like to.

Name: Prominent Gift
Author: Gia Morina
Genre: Fantasy/Werewolf/Romance/Drama
Description: Kidnapped at 16, Piper finally escapes after three years. She finds herself in the home of the soon to be Alpha King. What happens when her kidnappers come looking for her? How long can the Alpha King keep her protected?
Number of Episodes: 4

I hope you all enjoy! :heart:


Hi guys :slight_smile:
Check out my story if you like :wink:
TITLE: Good Girl
GENRE: Romance, comedy
AUTHOR: Alexandra Alex
DESCRIPTION: She’s a good girl. He’s a bad boy. She hates him. Hi hates her. He’s the player. She gets played.
Episode: 8 (Ongoing)
Style: Ink
Read for Read: Yes
Instagram: @episode.alexandra.alex