Read it( let play a game)

so new game .leave a title on an episode story and tell if you have or have not read the one over it. you are not allowed to put your own story. and may only put stories you have read yourself. you dont need to have read it to the end. it counts as read if you have read one chapter

you only need to put the title. but are welcome to add author and cover

I will start of course

mean girls senior year

Read it
18 seconds

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Read it


Read it
Loca Amor

not read it
“The infected”

Haven’t read it
Bittersweet Wounds

Didn’t read it
Moonlit Feathers

Read it

Without you

Haven’t read it
Summer Share

Haven’t read

Trapped: The Island

Haven’t read it
Kill My Love

Read it
The Hollywood Scandal

Havent read it
My Alien Lover