Read mine? then I'll read yours ;)

Hi everyone! Posting here to promote my stories and offer R4R. All I ask of you is that you send me screenshots of at least 2 chapters. You can do that by posting in this thread or directly messaging me here or on my Instagram (just created it). Then I will do the same for you. :hearts:

IG: @m.ash.writes

On that note, since I’m just starting out my IG account, I’m looking for more people to follow, whether it’s authors, artists, etc. So I’ll be following back everyone :smile:

Title: Double Oh, Drama
Genre: Romance, action
Episodes currently released: 3
Description: Secret missions? Piece of cake. Working with a hot, new partner? Not as easy. We all know the dangers of mixing business with pleasure… right?

Title: Bad Blood
Genre: Action, comedy
Episodes currently released: 6
Description: They binge-watch Netflix by day and fight crime by night. These vigilantes have to face a new threat in town while dealing with new love and the sting of betrayal.


I only have 29 reads, people have told me it’s really interesting so far, I think it just needs a bit more exposure!!
Btw I’m open for r4r (we can each read 3 chapters and give our opinion)

  1. Title: SECRETS
  2. Author: Goretth :princess:t4:
  3. Genre: Mystery/Romance :heart:
  4. Style: Limelight
  5. About story: Lies, secrets, and drama. Siblings Aneya, Jada and Ubandy might be very different but share one thing in common each hides a deep secret. Will they be able to keep it for long?
  6. Contacts: goretth.episode on instagram
  7. Link: (

6. __lgma on instagram
I’d love to see what you think about my story! :grin:
Feel free to message me anytime, it’s my first story so there might be lot of mistakes please let me know how I can make it better <3
Please share with everyone you know!!!

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I can do r4r

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For sure! just send me screenshots first and i’ll do the same for you :hearts:

awesome, once you’ve sent screenshots I will do the same!

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why do you two stories released.

not that you are not allowed to. but isnt it a bit hard to keep up with updating both of them. I can barely keep up with my single one

also I am gonna read bad blood because it has as many chapters as mine

edit: not sure I counted right but there is over 30 stories called bad blood. that is a lot

I think you will love my story :heart: Give me your feedback please.
Episode Nickname : Bithi
Story Title : No More
Story Genre : Romance
Description : When Reine was focused with her life, a stranger grabbed her attention and take her to an adventurous journey of lot’s of secrets, a journey filled with love and lust. xXx
Style : Limelight
Options : CC, Choices matter.
Episodes : 5
Instagram : @thebee.episode
Link :

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I Would Love To Do A R4R With You! I’ll Message You My Screenshots.

Title : Escaping My End
Genre : Drama, Romance, Action
Style : Ink
Episodes : 11(On Going)
Instagram : @alee_epiisode
Description : It’s Been A Year Since Arcelia Has Been Kidnapped By Fernando. That’s Until She And Her Son Are Rescued By The Alvarez Mafia, But She Soon Starts To Fall For The Leader’s Right Hand Man, Danilo. It’ll Be A Constant War For Her Between The Alvarez Mafia And Fernando. That Is Until She Learns The Truth Of Her Past That Everyone In Her Family Has Hidden From Her…

Link :


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It’s definitely hard for sure! i have a bad habit of having multiple projects to work on, but i’m limiting myself to these two stories or i’d never get anything done haha.

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Hey, your stories look amazing!
I will update this with screenshots of when I read your story!
Here’s mine for future reference:
Story Name: The World Fights Back
Author Name: Jazz
Style: Ink
Genre: Comedy
CC: No.
Episodes: 3 - more to come
Description: The year is 2019. A mysterious force is possessing world’s citizens. An unlikely team band together to try and control the inevitable end of the world.

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This is my new story, Evil Obsession.
Story description: Mathew is part of a tight-knit team of rising FBI investigators and a court officer who were suddenly torn apart when they discover a murder scene. Will they find justice?

I’m available for a read 4 read
I can send you SS, we can talk at Instagram
@giacereni.episode that is my Instagram handle.
If you like mystery and police stories, this one is for you. You can share with me your theories about the killer and the murder case.

This is the link to the story

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Let’s do r4r

Description: you are the most rich girl in your country in addition you’re famous but what happens when the Star Necklace uncovers your true identity


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Haha me too :joy:

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thank you for sharing your story! i will read it once you’ve sent me screenshots :hearts:

i requested to follow you on instagram! we could talk more there if you’d like

your story looks great too! do you have an instagram account? if not, we can just exchange screenshots via PM here :smile:

messaged you on instagram! :smiley:

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thanks for sharing this! do you have instagram? if not, just send me screenshots in PM please and i can definitely read yours :hearts:

You Did? I Never Got It :flushed: