Read my first chapter for feedback?

Hey there!

My name is Lexie and I am a new author to Episode, it is really nice to meet you guys! I am currently looking for support from fellow authors and readers, as I am currently working on my first episode! I was wondering if anyone would be so kind to read at least my first chapter and just tell me your thoughts?! If you don’t have time, that’s fine too! I would be willing to read others stories in return as well. I am kind of new to Episode, so I am just reaching out to get some support, if you have any tips, tricks, opinions, or comments, I’d love to hear them! Thanks so much again, I really appreciate any help! :slight_smile:

Here is the URL :
My author name is Lexie Marie
And my story title is Addicted to two
Cover art:

Hey! Okay so I read the first chapter
I’m not an expert so really don’t feel like I’m discrediting you’re story at all :heart:

If I can give you a few tips

  • If you want the characters to already be in the scene use the code @CHARACTER stands at POSITION/SPOT
  • rather than describing things try and add in a few for scenes or visuals to make the reader understand the relationship of two people
  • The description is a little vague
    Other than those things it was perfectly fine!
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Once again, I’m really not trying to insult you and I hope I haven’t :heart:

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Haha, you haven’t!

Thanks for your advice and taking the time to read it! :slight_smile: I know I have some issues, but they get better as the story goes on! It was a bit rough at first, with the coding, but I think if you keep reading the mistakes become less and less frequent, I will consider going back and fixing them later on in the story for sure, thanks so much!

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No problem xx

heyy :slight_smile:

i like it so far, my only criticism would be that you don’t need to reference characters names so much when they are talking to each other.
and i agree with lexy19 with the idea about scenes or visuals

but i do like it :slight_smile:

i hope that helps at all

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Thanks for the feedback guys, I really appreciate it!

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