Read my first ever story, pretty please?

Go easy on me, but please read! I welcome any and all feedback!

Title: A Regency Romance
Author: Samantha
Genre: Romance
Description: Navigate romance, friendship and high society in this tale of love and betrayal set in the 18th century Regency Era. Fully customizable female MC, 2 male love interests, LL.

I can’t post links or images yet… Thanks in advance for reading!

I’ll check it out, but I won’t go easy on you. But I’ll try to be nice haha :wink::purple_heart:

So, as I’m reading your first chapter, after the MC is done speaking with her parents and you give the option to change the hair and lip color, of which I chose to change lip color, the script goes back to the beginning. So, it replays the introduction. However, the second time around I simply chose, I look amazing, and the chapter continues.

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Same for me… Repeats the dialogue from the start.

hmmm so not a glitch then. Should be an easy (hopefully) fix.

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Thank you both!! It should be resolved so you can play through!

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Hello @Shmanks3, I’m Sydney the moderator. Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

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