Read my first story. :) (read for read)

Author: Shweta Mehra
Genre: Romance
Story style: Ink
Description: After breaking up, Sierra moves on to a happy single life, but what happens when she falls for “THE NERD” and her ex coming back to her life. CharacterCustomization
Episodes: 3 (more coming soon)
Instagram: @shweta_episode

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I’ll do a read for read

Whats your story?

Hale Huna. Do you have instagram?

Im interested in doing a read for read with you!

Here are my story details:
Title: Daizees

Author: KPZ


Story Description: Tattoos, Friendships, Love, and Rock n Roll. What happens when a secret from your past threatens to tear it all apart?

Genre: Comedy

Style: INK

Why you should check out my story: It’s a female rock n roll story using comedy, some romance, and includes twists and turns, love of music, and fashion!

Instagram: kpz_episode



Instagram: shweta_episode

I’ll send you the screenshots when you’re done reading mine. :slight_smile:

send me screenshots when your finished and i will read the same amount

It’s called Hale Huna and this is the cover:

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what’s your instagram username?


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Hello, we could do read for read if you want ?

But first: For a guaranteed feedback fill in the form

Link below :

Here is the description of my story :

Title : Jungle Fever
Author : Maggy

Genre : Romance/Drama
Style : Ink
Number of episodes : 5 (more episodes coming soon)
Instagram : maggy.episode

Description : A bad boy Prince with a lot of ego and a womanizer, gets lost in the middle of the Jungle and meets a fierce African Princess called Maya. Will he handle the change of environment.

Link :


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Name: The Ember Moon Pack


Being a werewolf is not easy. Especially when you have 3 hot hybrids following your every move.


Customizable Characters, 5 Endings, Choices Matter

Chapters: technically 6 bc ch 1 is customization

Genre: Fantasy/romance/horror

Style: Limelight


Instagram: gisellepisode :smile:


Want updates on this story? Here’s the update thread!

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Amazing cover :heart::heart::heart:
Send me the screenshots of my story and I’ll send yours! :slight_smile:

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i submitted a form, if that’s okay. i love your cover

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Thank you :slight_smile: xoxoxo your story is now on my list of stories to read :smiley:
And thank you xoxoxo

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I’ll get to reading yours as soon as my passes refill

Thank you xoxox

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Okay! :heart: