Read my new story Scream

Hey guys I’m Sandra and I’m new to this community and this is my story please give a read

Title - Scream

Mystery (episodes 9 ongoing)


Thank you :heart:


Hello, are you interested in doing read for read with me? :relaxed: 9 chapters.

Story: Benio

Author: Lia Lopez.

Current chapters: Nine - Complete.

Genres: Comedy, romance.

What would happen if you ship a joyful, energetic, loud girl with a quiet, gentle guy who is willing to play along with her? Join Benio Castillo’s life to find out! (CC)

My Instagram: lia_lopez_episode


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Hey, interested in a r4r?

Deadly Secrets

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Hey guys sure i am going to read your stories. :heart::smile:

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So, you okay with 9 chapters for 9 chapters? :blush:

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Yeah it’s totally fine :innocent::heart:

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Awesome. Mine only has 7 though :sweat_smile: we’ll post SS here when done?

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I just finished Chapter 2. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok np :heart:

Lovely thank you @LiaLopez :heart:

You’re welcome. By the way, your story only has 7 chapters published. :thinking:

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Yeah I know but it’s ok you have to read only 7 chapters :blush::black_heart: @LiaLopez

I’ve started yours. On chapter 4.

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Thanks :black_heart: @TamiRose

Oh well, I’ll go on with your story when I see you started mine. I honestly don’t want to be ghosted. :thinking:

I already read your story last night but forgot to send screenshots @LiaLopez

I on episode 3 @TamiRose

Just finished Chapter 6. :hugs:

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Thank you @LiaLopez :hugs::blush:

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Hi! Are you interested in R4R? :heart:
Here is my story! :two_hearts:
Title : Set me on fire
Author : Lizzie C.
Style : Limelight
Genre : Drama, Romance
Episodes : 6 (on going)
Description : Ellen’s a young and ambitious girl with a bright future. What will happen when she meet HIM? Arrogant billionaire with a broken soul. Will she set his heart on fire or he’ll darken her soul? Story based on a true events. [ CC, ART, choices matter ]
My IG : lizzie.epi
Link :
Story cover :

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