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Story Title: Lola, Pora

When Lola was a little girl, she was watching her mother get crushed under the falling city. Now, little Lola grows up to find out that things aren’t always what they seemed…

Story Title: “BOTH!?” Is Just My Style…

“BOTH!?” Is Just My Style… One’s INK, The other’s Classic, Together… Aren’t they just the perfect couple!?

Story Title: Loa

Loa is the girl that everyone knows, for many reasons Like the Angels that tried to hurt her friends, or the crazy demons that tried to eat her, either way.

Story Title: ~Fairies~ ALL STYLES

Description: When a boy gets sucked into a portal he falls into another world – where he meets his soulmate Lacy-Daleyza. A Fairy Princess…


Story Title: Dangerous Fire

Description: Colorism and Bad pasts have divided these 2 Kingdoms terribly, But, a woman meets a man outside of their expectations.


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