Read my story "A MERMAID'S LOVE"

You are the princess of “MERMAID WORLD”. You have a wedding arrangement with a bad prince who you hate. If you do not marry by the age of 18 “YOU’LL DIE”. Can you find true love?

If you like my story just let me know…


Sound good

It does but it might be a contest entry since they shouted out their story on the clue contest thread (I talked a bit to them and from our conversation, it does seem like they are entering which is exciting and i wish them lots of good luck for the contest). They could have published it when the contest was announced or some days after it so you if you’re planning on reading, you’ll need to wait until June 3rd so the reads will count and it will help them :heart: :smile:

I read it last night before I went to bed, your use of overlays were amazing, great dialogue, and choices.

Nevermind it’s not a contest entry :sweat_smile:

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