Read my story and give feedback?

I have had my story published for a few weeks now, I haven’t gotten a single read on it and I’m getting very discouraged. If someone could please read it and give me feed back on the cover art or story line or anything that would be amazing!


Can you give me the title of your story? I will search for it. :slight_smile:

Yeah sorry it’s called The Game.
I think that’s the link for it.

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Okay, thanks. Hopefully I can find it. That link just leads to this forum post by the way. I will look for it on my tablet.

Well dang okay. I’ll see if maybe I can find the right link for you

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Okay, that link will work. Thank you!

Hey listen- the exact same thing happened with my story. Published it, a month passed, BOOM zero reads! Don’t worry about it though, I was pretty tempted to throw a hissy fit about it too, but the whole thing is getting yourself out there in the world. Learning how to market your story better, making friends on the episode forums/Instagram community, etc. If your coding gets good enough you could even submit a story to an episode hosted contest and win- a lot of famous writers I know get popular that way too. Anyway, don’t give up. I’m sure your story is a lot better than you give yourself credit for!

Oops accidentally replied to the wrong comment bcus butterfingers. Anyway, I’m wondering if you want to do a review-for-review sort of thing, where I’ll read your story and give you some pointers on how to make it better and you’ll do the same for my story?

I’ll do a review! I’ll read your story and you can read mine if you want :slight_smile:

Story title : Sandy and her Quadruplets
Author : R.J.
Link :

I’ll check out your story as well. :slight_smile:

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@Hale_Kat do you want me to post my review or PM?

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

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Either way is fine.

@Hale_Kat I read your story! The concept is really interesting and I like it !!! But it needs improvements!

  1. Introduce your character : Who is she? Does she have a past? What’s her relation with her Mom (good?bad?) because the stranger threat your MC to attack your mother.
  2. Important : ADD MANY CHOICES AS YOU CAN :muscle: !!! If its a Game, you have to include the reader in the game ! Let them play the game with the MC! I know, it’s long to write but the result can be awesome!!!
  3. Make the chapters longer! Add differents tasks in 1 day! We must feel that he controls her entire life!
  4. Work on the animations and the directing! Be careful, in a scene (Episode 5), she was wearing a pyjama but when she wake up, she was wearing a dress. Same for the bubble speech, don’t forget in your script to write reset or @speechbubble is 161 249 to 100% because it was too low (episode 4 or 5 I think)! You can add sound like vibrate phone or schoolbell in the script!

I like your story and if you readjust it, it will be awesome! And if you need help or you have any questions, I can help you! Don’t give up :slight_smile:

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Name: Daddy, and me.

Story Type: Episode Original | Story Style: Episode Ink

Story Description:

Covers by: EM❤️EPISODE

He is an angel, and she is a little girl with a big mouth.
When demons hunt them and troubles arise, will they make it together?
Read to find out.

Genre: Paranormal

Status: On Hold.

Story Link:

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