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I am a new writer and I just released my first story. If you don’t mind please read it and tell me what you think. It is called “Till Death Parts Us (Limelight)”. If you like it please follow me: CA Limelight. I will also be writing two other stories! Feel free to tell me your story and I will read it.


Thank you for posting this. Here’s my story info:

Title- Shadow Hunter: World On Fire
Author: CeCeWrites.episode
Chapters: 5 (on-going)
Style: Ink
Main Genre: Drama
Sub-Genre: Romance and Action
Description: Shadow West is an 18-year-old with aspirations that don’t align with his father’s demands. After refusing the position as heir to the mafia, his father Sebastian sets out to destroy his son and everything he holds dear. This story takes place across several timelines and milestones during the highs and lows in Shadows life. (Not your typical Mafia story)
Instagram: @CeCeWrites.stories

Hey everyone!

Below you can find the information of my story. :kissing_heart:

Author: Alphan
Story Title: Upside Down
Genre: Romance, Drama, Mystery
Style: INK
Story Description: June escaped her previous life. Will she meet people who will love her or will her old enemies destroy her again?
Story Link:
Instagram: alphan.episode

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P.S. it is not really all wolves and vampires there’s more to it so stay tuned
Story: Unexpected You
Genre: Romance/Action/Fantasy
Author: Haneen
Teaser: A girl who thought her junior year would be normal as she expected to be. It turns out there are a lot of unexpected events happening in her life. Will she survive? Who is her man?

Down for a read for read!
Title: H & V: In Too Deep
Author: Sweet Stories
Style: Limelight, character customization
Description: You move to Miami to start your new life, but get thrown into a dangerous situation that causes you to get mixed you with a mysterious stranger…and boy is he more than what you bargained for;)

Hi! I would love to read your story!
So here’s my story if you’re interesed in reading it! :slight_smile:
Here’s my story:
Title: Girlhood
Author: Oumnia
Genre: Drama
Description: Kethius might seem like any ordinary teenage boy but in fact he hides a unique secret…
Number of Episodes: 8 (ongoing)
Instagram: oo_anjj

Hey guys…!! My name is Priyanka and I’m open for read for reads now…:relaxed:I’m sharing my story link here…Please read it and comment about it…You can share your story too…
And when you complete reading my story please send me screenshot, then I’m gonna start yours reading and also send you screenshot’s…:blush::blush:
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Title: Mistaken Connection
Author: Priyanka
Style: Ink
Genre: Romance
Description: We all done so many wrong things in our life…But what happend when a best thing done by you unknowingly after a big mistake? Would you keep it or just leave it?:wink: Customize Characters

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Hey guys, I am new here and just posted 3 episodes of my new story maybe you can check it out and say your opinions how to improve or whats missing, I would really appreciate it.
Story: “Aliaska”
Genere; “Romance”
Thank you

Title: I’m Just Me
Author: SarahtheBeaut (Sarah)
Genre: Drama
Description: Alice is your typical “rebel teenager”, but what happens when she goes through self-discovery while facing problems, secrets, and heartbreak?
Story Link:
Insta: sarahthebeaut.epi
I’d appreciate it so much if you’d check it out! I will check out yours! :slight_smile:

I will read it!

Author: Aurora Trentino (FOLLOW ME, that is my pen name)
Story: Domestic Violence
Story Description: Susan is abused by her husband Victor, as Victor holds a secret over her head, can she escape his abuse and will she fall in love again or will she end up in yet another Domestic Violence situation? Find out now!!! **
Episodes : 1-17 (last one will be out before MARCH 26TH I hope!)
Genre: Action (with some drama) **

Hey, I’ll read it! Here’s my story:

Title: Rebound You
Author: KM
Genre: Romance
Style: INK
Episodes: 20
IG: km_episode_readers
Description: When Violet meets her new cocky neighbour her world changes upside down. One rule, no feelings! Are you up for it? Drama, romance and secrets are waiting for you!


Story 1:
Title: Returns
Author: Raniksa
Description: You return to your hometown for a reason. However, not everything goes your way. Will the demons of the past get you? (art work included- special scenes [not in every episode] and chapter covers in every episode!)
Episode: 12 (working on season 2!)
Genre: Romance
Style: Ink

Story 2:
Title: Foolish Games
Author: Raniksa
Description: Did you ever confused obsession with love? What would you do to check what is right for you?
Episode: 61 (complete!)
Genre: Romance
Style: Ink

Story 3:
Title: All about Sharon
Author: Raniksa
Description: When your life is changing and you re not really ready for it. Will your perfect world stay perfect? <Braceface based!>

is an animated series that aired on Teletoon in Canada from June 2, 2001[1] to September 1, 2004.[2] The series was executive produced by American actress Alicia Silverstone, and produced by the Canadian company Nelvana.
The show, set in Elkford, British Columbia, recounts the travails of Sharon Spitz, who is a junior high school student with braces that get in the way of leading a normal teenage life.
Episode: 38 (complete)
Genre: Romance
Style: Ink

Hey all!
Just published my new story ‘Hiding the Truth’ by @ab.creates.
Description- Scarlett struggles with depression due to her horrendeous childhood, but puts on a brave face. Will her new roommate Bailey, & best friend Didi be able to break her walls?
I would love it if people would check it out and give me some feedback!

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