Read my story and let me know your thoughts 💋

Hello there :blush: "Love Together, Be With You Never " :kiss: that’s my story

I’ve re-edited my story and I have released the episodes of my story. :kiss:Please check out my story and let me know your thoughts… I would love to know your thoughts about my story :kiss:

Read out chapter one and two ASAP :heart::kiss:

They can’t read the story if they don’t know the story name :slight_smile:

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Whopss! :joy: My bad

Haha its fine :heavy_heart_exclamation: My best wishes to your story!

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Yeah… Thnx… Read out my story 1st and 2nd chapter… If u get tym🙂

I’m currently on my laptop, working on my story. However, I’ll read yours when I have the time :blush:

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That would be great… And don’t forget to tell me about your story too