Read my story please and thank you

please read my story Eternal Lies! don’t hesitate to give me feed back on how to improve my writing and my story!!!


Hey! :blush: Would you like to do a R4R??
Feel free to check out my story! Thank you for your time!

Feedback is appreciated!!

Title : Stand By Me

Chapters : 6 and counting

Style : Limelight

Genre : Drama

Description : You’re teenagers trying to live a normal life but life isn’t always fair. Troubling pasts, deadly secrets, will they be bliss in each other’s harsh realities?

(Viewers Discretion is advised)

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Want to also do a r4r with me?

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I’m up to R4R. 3/3 first and of course we’ll do SS as proof

What inside of my story?

1- Art scene in all episode (Comic Art style)
2- I use different directing and discover overlay things by using my drawing
3- In this story don’t have CC. But I figure out how I want put CC without against my drawings

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Style: Ink
Description: Maxwell is 3rd year, everyone knows him already. He likes hurt girls that the girl who tries enticing on him. Jade hates the guy who hurt girls the most and trying revenge on him.
Episodes: 8 (Ongoing)
Instagram: @r.es_story


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once im done with all of your guises stories ill send the ss ^.^ tysm!

Yes ofc! I’d love to ^.^ send me your link or title of your story

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I’d love R4R with you! :revolving_hearts::rose::gift_heart:

Name: Law, Order & Love

Victoria, a promising graduate, gets a job at prestigious law firm. Though she is haunted by the ghosts of her past. Will she be able to fight her ghosts and also win cases?

Chapters : 10 (ongoing)

Genre: Drama/Romance

Style: Limelight


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Ofc!! I’ll seen as as soon as I’m done! :blush:

Will be waiting! :heart::gem::heart::gem::heart:

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Hey! Do you want to do R4r?
Name: The fragments of the past

Author: Kate B

Instagram name: kateb_episode

Description: Gang life is dangerous and after a tragedy Lily is not the same, will she ever believe in love again?

Chapters: 6

Genre: Action/ romance

Style: Ink


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HI! Would you like to do R4R? :heart:

Title: The #MeMeMe Generation
Author: Lissia A.
Genre: Action/Drama
Style: Ink
Description: When heartbroken Arlene finds out about being fatally ill meanwhile her criminal lover sabotages her, she decides to take her life under control by breaking the law.


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R4R? :slight_smile:
Title- Tainted Souls.
Genre- Fantasy
Style- INK
Description- Despised by everybody around her, Ella just doesn’t feel good enough. Be careful what you wish for…You never know who could be listening… CC
Episodes- 5 (On Going)
Story Link-



ok thanks! The title of my story is Problematic <3 by Claire E.

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I just started yours :blush: as soon as I’m finish I’ll send

Ofc!! I’ll send ss once I’m done :blush:

Yes, ofc!! Tysm!

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I’d love to!! :blush: Tysm! I’ll send ss once I’m done

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Done :blush:

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My story is the fragments of the past

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Author Name: Miss. Isabella
Story Name: Life goes on (Ink)
Genre: Romance/Drama
How much diversity on a scale of 1 to 10(I love diversity): 5 (more coming soon)
I really appreciate, if you take some time my sotry. :slight_smile:Thanks guys!
Story link: