Read my story please (:

Hey, I’ve recently published my first proper story, i was wondering if you guys would read it! Much appreciated!

Title - This is love
Genre - Drama
Description - You move to New York for college, the least you expect is to meet a sexy, mysterious stranger. Is he all he seems, or is there more to him?

Chaptet 1 is only for cc of your two main characters!

Thanks a lot, share your stories :smile:


Hello! Wanna r4r with me?
My link:

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heyyy!!! i’m up for it! my story is called BETTER OFF

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What’s the cover? The description?

Here’s the cover!!
Description - She was desperate for his help, he wasn’t entirely eager to help… but he agreed. Nonetheless, there was one condition. Knowing Luke Bennett he gave the girl a hard time…|INK|


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This is my brand new story, it is also my first.

I’m up for a r4r!

My story: Rising Fame

Description: You are following your dream to be the biggest epituber. Will you make it to the top? Or will you succumb to the pressure?

Genre: Drama

I only have three episodes out currently.

Choices matter | CC | LL |

My Instagram Epi.W


thank you for reading!!

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