Read My Strength!

Hi everyone! I have just released 4 episodes of my new story. It would be amazing if you could read some! I’ve worked so hard on these to try and get them as error-free as I can. Also, if you do read them, please leave me some feedback if you enjoyed them and if you have any tips! Thank you!

I love your story!

But sometimes the character pop up in the screen :confused:

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Thank you! I will try and fix it. Which episodes does it happen in and do you know which characters? There’s also a new episode out if you want to read it. Thanks for the support x

Hi would you like a read for read?
My story is:
Title : Bittersweet Revenge
Author: Misstory
Description : When a tragic event turns seventeen year old Rose’s life upside down she sets her heart on revenge, but she soon discovers that the path to revenge may not be quite what it seems.
Genre: Romance
Episodes : 4 - (5 coming soon.)

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Sure! You’re story sounds amazing x

Thank you :blush: I’m looking forward to reading yours.
I am a bit nervous about read for reads because I’ve had quite a few where I’ve read theirs then they haven’t read mine. :frowning_face:

This is my first one so don’t worry I will definitely read yours x

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Hi I’ve read your story, I’ve been really enjoying. Added it to my favs :heart:

Thank you so much! I’m going to read your story as soon as my passes refill! X

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I love your story. I’ve started reading it and it’s amazing x

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This is so late, I am so sorry! I haven’t make screenshots but if you could sent me the script I would love to help you!

It’s fine honestly.I have talked to other people and they weren’t having the same problem. Thank you for reading though x