Read proof by someone else


I’ve a question : I want a friend of mine to read proof my story.
But because the chapter is not yet published, he can’t read the story unless he used my account details to log in or if I’m next to him with account opened.

Is there any other way to send the link of the story without using the methods above ?

Thank you !

In the writer portal you will find a share link at the botton of the main page of your story. Just send it to your friend and they will be able to check your story on their phone :blush:

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Super thank you !!!

Argh actually, he’ll be able to see the chapters published and not the one that is not yet published :confused:

I don’t know then, sorry :sweat:

Thank you anyway :grin:

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In the past I’ve put my script into a google doc and shared it with my editor through that.