Read/review my story!

Hello! I just published a story (literally two seconds ago):

It would be great if you could check it out and give me some feedback!

The style of the story is limelight and there is character customization and multiple endings.
This is the summary: Bex is an aspiring singer who gets a hot shot job as a celeb’s assistant… along with ten other people, all fighting for a spot in the New Year’s Gala. CC Multiple endings

Thanks, appreciate it! Also my Instagram is caticorn.episode if you want to chat or anything!

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I’m still going to read your story I promise. Just waiting on episode to fix it as to where I can still have my profile. I switched from android to iphone.

Would you be interested in read for read? xx

Would you like to read mine if I read yours?

Story Title : The Art of The Deal
Author : GraceX
Episodes :
18 ongoing
Romance, betrayal and secrets. What will happen when Isobel gets involved in the black market of the art world and a sexy gang leader?
Insta: epy.gracex