Read These Stories Now! Underrated Gems. MUST READS

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I have read everything. Hundreds of stories on Episode. I’ve been lurking around these forums for a while and I made an account just now JUST so I could recommend these highly underrated stories to you guys. These stories all have under 20k reads and they are honestly amazing. 3 stories in 3 different genres. In no particular order:

Story Name: Dark Side Daddy
Story Author: @zeesmusic
Genre: Romance
Reads: 13,000+
Style: INK with CC
Chapters: 9

Why I Love It
There are way too many romance stories on Episode as we all know, so for something to stand out, it has to be mind blowing. Well, this story is. The initial chapters are really good but it turns into something phenomenal once the two main love interests begin interacting.

Don’t let the title fool you.

I have NEVER read a story where the two characters have a better connection and interaction than this story. It’s honestly magical. A lot of stories do a good job of this, but this story is on a different level. The only story that comes close to this is Dripping Mascara. You can literally feel the connection between the characters and every emotion that they feel. There is drama that is powerful but not overdone. The dialogue is deep and meaningful and beautiful. Perfect narration. Long chapters. There are moments where you want to take the character’s place and live the relationship yourself. No clue how the author writes like that, but she really is just that good. Despite it’s genre being a “Daddy” story, it’s up there… On a technical level, her writing is so good, her vocabulary is stellar, her descriptions are amazing. There is something incredibly special about this story. You should go read it, NOW! :slight_smile:


Story Name: Breach of Contract
Author: @chelsv4
Genre: Action
Reads: 3,000+
Style: INK, no CC
Chapters: 7

Why I Love It
The moment you click this story, you’re given an explanation as to why your character has no name. You think, ok… And then the story starts. You’re hooked. The directing is some of the best I’ve seen after reading hundreds of stories on Episode. The dialogue is perfect - there are intense moments, playful moments, sad moments all of which the author executes really well. There is not one thing to criticize about the superb directing of this story, like I cannot say enough about how great it is. It deserves a best directing award.

The main character is driven by revenge and because of how the story is written, you really feel for her. The first episode makes you want to cry - that’s how invested you feel in the story. The action is really awesome and the premise is cool, too. The author is very slow to update, but let’s face it, writing on Episode is so time consuming. And with the amazing way she directs, I bet it takes her forever just to code each episode. Her writing skills are amazing, and her story is really engaging. It’s hard to pull off an action story on episode because of the animation limitations, etc, but this story pulls it off EFFORTLESSLY. Don’t wanna say too much more, because spoilerzzz. But yeah. The quality of this story is way up there.

GO READ IT. You’re welcome.

Story Name: Fantastical: Silhouettes
Author: aprilish (since I am a new user to this forum I can only mention 2 people)
Genre: Fantasy
Style: INK with CC
Episodes: 7
Reads: ~600

Why I Love It

We all know how overcrowded the Fantastical contest was. So again, for this story to stand out, it has to be GOOD. And it is. This story is sweet and magical. The premise is quite simple but it is so well-executed. The sound & music are really good and make the experience that much better. The main character is really cute, and you develop a quick attachment to her. The writing is beautiful and engaging and will pull you in immediately. The directing is fantastic, there is nothing to criticize with this story. It’s absolutely fantastic. I am honestly shocked that this story has only 600 reads.

The quality of this story is very very high. You can tell she put tons of work into it, and it shows. I think there were just so many entries, that great stories like this one just got overlooked.
Everything about this story’s narration, dialogue, plot is so well-executed.

Again, I feel like I’m repeating myself here with all these stories and the superlatives I’m using to describe them. But seriously, just read them. They are all really good. They deserve a lot more reads.

If any stories deserve millions of reads, it’s these three. So please read! Show smaller authors some love.


You’ll love them!


These all sound great! Just started Dark Side Daddy even though I’m not really into stories that has the word daddy in their title, but it looks great


Thank you so much! :heart_eyes: I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I really appreciate you sharing it! :heart:
Sorry for taking so long to update. I have a full time job along with two kids, so my writing schedule is very seldom at times. Thank you for your patience. :slight_smile:


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Hello! Wowwwww thanks so much for everything you said - I’m kinda overwhelmed tbh lol. I am so thrilled you like my story that much!! :heart: Thanks for reading and I’m honored to be mentioned in your post!! xoxo :heart:

It’s really hard to get noticed as a new author so I really appreciate you giving us smaller authors a shout-out! :heart_eyes:

You rock! :sunglasses:


I seriously got tears in my eyes as I read this. Oh my god. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :sob::sob::sob::heart::heart::heart: This is the sweetest and most wonderful thing I’ve read and gosh, I’m out of words. I see that you couldn’t tag me, so it’s just a coincidence that I came across this post, and heck, I’m so glad I did. (I’m probably blabbering like a complete idiot right now.) :sweat_smile: Anyhow, THANK YOU!!! I still can’t stop smiling! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Also, why has the post been flagged?! :hushed:


The post was apparently flagged for “being off topic” even though the moderator herself has placed it in the correct category. Ok then…

I’m not into Daddy stories either lol. Or Bad Boy stories or “Player” stories. But Hopefully this one will be good anyway. Sometimes, they surprise you!


I read Dark Side Daddy and it’s amazing. Wow, new favorite romance.
Next up is Breach of Contract.


Great, glad the recommendations are turning out well :slight_smile: