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In a kingdom, Fairies were forced to listen to angels, or be eaten or killed.
What is going to happen to Confiance Shinyflip when she decides to run away from an one?

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Hi, I’m looking to do a read for read, as I have lots of passes that need spending.
Here’s how I do it:

I will read your entire story to its current completedness. This is regardless how long your story is. If you are continuing it, I will read until it’s final completed chapter. If I like it, I may finish it once you have, but I will consider my requirement Fufilled.
I will send a screenshot from the final chapter as proof.
I will expect you to read the same number of chapters as I read of your story.
I will give a free review. It’s purely obligatory and I don’t expect one in return. If you don’t want one, please warn me in advance.
I will try to do it as first come, first serve, but please understand, if you have, say 20 chapters, I may read a shorter story first.
Please understand it is written in Australian English (similar to Canadian English) so please don’t message me saying how I’ve mispelled “colour” or ”cheque”, etc.
I look forward to reading your stories!

Title: The Wanterer 2: Mischa
Author: Aliceproductions
Genre: Comedy/Romance (more comedy)
Episodes: 9 (Complete)
Instagram: Aliceproductions
Style: INK
Story Description: Taking up from where ‘The Wanderer’ left off, Corrine and Mischa have been dating for a year, but Mischa is unsure about their relationship and wants Corrine to go back to being Corey again. Then one day, she finds out why Corrine doesn’t want to. (Note if you haven’t read ‘The Wanderer’, never fear. There is a short recap n the first episode.




Sorry, I’m at the end of the chapter, how in the world do I get out of the loop and start the second chapter?


The second chapter isn’t finished. I am working on it.


Ok. Then I’ve read all I can