Read4read interested?

Hi guys, my story coming out soon!
Anyone interested to do r4r?
Let me know, you can drop your story to me on forum messages or IG
Minimum for requirements is have to read 2 chapters
Thank you

Hey I am interested in r4r 3x3 or 4x4


AUTHOR: Anisha

DESCRIPTION: You’re in love with social media. After a social heartbreak, you meet 5 strangers who are oddly suspicious.
Can you rescue everyone after the secrets you’ll discover?

GENRE: Mystery, Adventure, Drama

•Female MC
•Name input
•Customize Character
•Choices matter

LINK: Episode Writer Portal

THANK YOU :blush:

I will let you know when my story publish
So we can start it

Sure :hugs:

Title: Online Dating ( based on a true story )
Genre: Romance
Description: Looking love for so long, finally…
Your dream comes true via a dating app!
Will you end up on the aisle or will you get hurt again?
1 Li / CC / Art scene

Up do r4r and g4g
Let me know your thoughts!
Pm me if you’re interested

Hi dear my story is out now
Wanna do r4r now?

Yeah sure🤗

Wanna start now?

I had completed 2 chapters of your story :+1:

Wait, I’m on my way to you!

I’m done for 2 chapters sis

Thank you for doing r4r with me

Great I will send the the ss of the rest chapter asap🥰

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Thanks dear

Completed :+1:

It was nice to do r4r with you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Stay safe and stay healthy :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you :blush:

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My pleasure dear

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Online dating by inagitaepisode
Please help to get 200 readers


Reading now!

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Um, hi! What’s ebo language?

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Thanks sis
I learn from my husband

I’m asking what kind of language it is. And you specified where the MC is from, but for the guy, you keep using terms like “Africa”, “African food” etc whereas Africa isn’t a country.

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