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Anyone want to do a read4read???
Story title: The Bodyguard
Author: Samantha Marie
Instagram: samantha_marie_episode
Genre: Mystery
Style: INK
Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
Story description:
Cassie just inherited a famous hotel and mega money from her deceased father. A strange man enters her life and shows her to keep not only her friends close but her enemies closer.resumo-fundo-de-luxo-preto-background-do-estudio-bem-usar-como-pano-de-fundo_1258-276

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I’m down for a read for read!


Title: Fantastical: Welcome to the Amazon Forest
Author: XxAlphaBetaxX
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Style: Limelight
Summary: Khalil’s life revolved around nothing but botany. That is until a search for a mystical flower transports him to a forest full of 6’+ women in the middle of a crisis. [3 endings]
Instagram: @xxalphabetaxx.writes

I should also mention choices in my story matter.

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Me too…
Here is mine —>
Story name—> Choose!!!
Author—> @ya
Genra— > adventure , sci-fi
No.of episode —> 3 (complete)
Description —> you always wanted a chance!! ting-ding!!! You get one , Will you succeed or face defeat??? (No cc)
There may be grammar mistake too , I am sorry for that
:v:Hope you like it

Title: The Man inside the Gang Leader
Author: tammyire
Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
Genre: Romance and Action
Style: Limelight
Plot Summary: The gang life is the only life that Blaire penelope has ever known. No-one really ‘falls in love’ so when the gang leader falls for her,she doesn’t know what to do.

& it’s also lgbt+ friendly meaning that you can choose your sexual preference. I’ll do read for read and review for review just reply.

Hi would like to check out your story if you could check out my story as well!
Title Rose
Author Jojo
Genre Romance
Description Already struggling with her past, Rose falls into some more drama romance, mystery, what adventure and heartbreak will she face next?
Instagram @fongjoline

I’m cool for a read for read :slight_smile:

Title : Paradise
Author : Maggy
Genre : Fantasy
Style : Limelight
Number of episodes : 5 (more episodes coming soon)
Instagram : maggy.episode
Description : Fidelia is about to become a Goddess, she has to follow the prophecy. Fidelia is strong and independent, fun, and a crazy party girl. Will she accept her faith?
Link : 1 1


I’m down for a read for read or review for review

I’m Kim and below are the details of my stories! (by no means do you have to read both, just giving options and putting it out there)

If you want to do a read for read or review exchange send me a message either here on the forums (inbox or reply) or via instagram

Dawn, my dear, with gifts ethereal,
To you belongs the Crown Imperial,
Remember to ever heed this lyrical:
“A realm may fall to its demise,
But after the dawn,
It may still rise.”

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Style: Ink
  • Chapters published: 3 (ONGOING)
  • Link: :arrow_down:

N.B. Also features elements of comedy and drama

my main instagram (KIM L)

my reviews instagram (EPI REVIEWS)


I also have a second story that you could read if you prefer Classic style or you prefer the Drama genre.

  • Title: Hannah
  • Genre: Drama
  • Description: Hannah’s life is flipped upside down when she discovers her life’s a lie. It’s up to you to scream or enjoy the ride.
  • Chapters: 6 (ONGOING)
  • Link:


HEY! I would love to do a R4R I’ll leave my information down below if you’re interested

Title: The Nation D
Author: P Marroquín
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Romance
Style: Limelight
Number of episodes: 4 (ongoing)
Description: Heather has no parents, she is trapped in a place were she can’t go out and were she has to work everyday or else the leaders will kill her, but what happens when her best friend (which is a boy) and his dead sister offer her a way to get out of there for good and start a brand new life…! What is your new destination? And what dark secrets does it hide? Will you finally find answers to your past?

I’ll message you when I’ve read your story :slight_smile:
Title: Both of Us
Genre: Drama/Romance
Style: Ink
Episodes: 12 (ongoing)
Description: Marie wanted the truth, but she wasn’t prepared to unearth her family’s dangerous secrets… or to find love.
Author: Zoe K

miss avery’s little secret
style: ink
genre: mystery
current episode: 12
description : Avery has been avoiding on thing her whole life, her past. What happens when it all comes rushing back? Will her secret be told? Will the people she loves trust her?
dm my ig so i can be fully notified and get back to you!! its @episode.hina if you don’t have one, it’s okay we’ll figure something out!!

Name: The Ember Moon Pack
Description: You’re the Queen of the Supernaturals. What’ll happen when you find out that your mate is your pack’s enemy, and your kidnapper? CC ChoicesMatter
Chapters: technically 3 bc ch 2 is customization
Genre: Fantasy/romance/horror
Style: Limelight
Instagram: emberpackepisode :smile:

itle: The Man inside the Gang Leader
Author: tammyire
Episodes: 4 (ongoing)
Genre: Romance and Action
Style: Limelight
Plot Summary: The gang life is the only life that Blaire Penelope has ever known. But when family, love and things that are NOT for gangs start getting involved. How will she cope? Find out.

& it’s also lgbt+ friendly meaning that you can choose your sexual preference. I’ll do read for read and review for review just comment. Thank you. I’ll read yours now!!!

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Fantastical: No Longer Slaves
Story Type: Episode Cimematic | Story Style: Episode Ink

Author Name:
Treasure T.V. M.D. Jackson

Story Description:

Everyones’ just gotten out of “slavery,” children are teenagers, Most of them have been converted… But, has everyone healed?
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Adventure
Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: CutiePieTTV
Twitter: treasuretv