Read4read Shop (Occasionally Gem4Gem)

Welcome to my Read4read shop. There are many art shops on the episode forums, so I thought there should be R4R shop as well.

Things to Remember:

  • If you can do Gem4Gem, let me know. The minimum amount of Gems I can support you with are 5. Also, somedays, I might be out of gems, so I might not be able to do G4G.

  • You have to read minimum three episodes of my story and I’ll read three of yours. Afterwards, it’s your choice if you want to continue my story and same applies to me.

  • If you agree to do read for read with me, I expect you to hold up to the end of your bargain and read it.

  • Send me screenshots after you have read the three chapters of my story and I’ll send you screenshot of your story.

  • If we are going Gem4Gem, you have to send me a picture of you using Gem in my story and I’ll do the same.

  • In the end, each story I read, I’ll add it here for suggestion.

  • In this shop, R4R is not just between you and me. You can do it with other people here as well.

  • Also, I will give you an honest opinion of what I think about your story and if you don’t mind, I will give you some advice as well.

  • Please be respectful. Don’t ignore the rules. Also, read the stories, just don’t make other people read yours.


I’m up for R4R with gems :hearts:

Title: The Apartment
Author: Sapphire (:
My Instagram: @ episodesapphire
Description: Mila, Emma and Benji living together in the city often leads to some chaotic situations. But things seem to be looking up for them at least.
Genre: Comedy
Story Cover:

Story Link:

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Let me know if you’re interested in a r4r. :sparkling_heart:

Title: Eat Stake
Author: Sinead O’Neill
IG: sineadoneill.lovestowrite

Story Description
Your destiny is to protect humanity from a malevolent being, who intends to populate the world with such evil. What happens though, when you fall for his hot but heartless son?
(cc, choices, adv directing, music/sound, mini-games, art scenes)

Eat Stake link

Hi I’m up for a read for read with gems, or without if you can’t!

My story :slight_smile:
My Soul’s Desire

Hi there, I’m up for r4r :sparkling_heart:
Here’s my story
Story title: UNTIL I MET HIM
Description :When Ameli elopes with her lover, her father, kidnaps Andrew , who knows Ameli’s whereabouts, along with two of his friend. But Andrew falls in love with Alicia

Hey Guys Read for Read.

1.Title of the story : How Tori Met Her Prince
2.Name of the author : Tanisha Alexander
3.Story genre :Romance
4.Story style : Limelight
5.Story summary : After losing her Dad, Tori is now forced to stay home with her wicked step mom & evil step sister. A prince set to marry the Duchess but falls in love with Tori.Who will he choose?

6.Link to the app :

THANK YOU FOR THIS :blush: :blush:
if anyone interested in r4r then dm me or pm me
Ig : @anjali__soni
Genre : Thriller
Style : Limelight
Episode : 5 episode (more coming soon)
Customization : Yes FULL CC FOR MC AND LI
Link :

AMELIA’s boyfriend left her without telling her. Now amelia is a police officer. what will happen when she find out that someone in her family killed her sister AND she is connected to the mafia?
Will her Mystery partner walk with her on the Danger Path?
Drama, Betrayal, danger Waits For her

i want to do a r4r with anyone!

Alright guys! I’d love to do R4R with all of you. I have already taken one request right now. I’ll get back to you guys after I am done with it.

Hi! I’d be interested in doing a G4G if you would be up to it?
The maximum gems I would spend is 10, if thats okay?

Name: Inevitable Fate
Insta: @author_chels

Hey! We can do r4r with 3 episodes and g4g with 5 :gem:

Name of my story: Blood For Love
Author’s name: Pollyotty
My IG: pollyotty.episode
Genre: Drama (+ romance, fantasy and mystery )
Number of episodes: 10
Description: New place, new school, new people… One of them is not like the others, he is “different”. Does he have a secret?.. And who makes night attacks on people? (Limelight )
Story link:

Let’s do it

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