Read4Read + shoutouts on Insta

Hey lovely people
I would like to do a read4read with anyone who’s down for it.

My story: Guilty Love

Chapters: 3 (ongoing)

Genre: Romance
I would gladly accept advice on how to make the story better!

Insta: @inastoriesss

Make screenshots when you’re ready and then I will do the same.
Don’t forget to share your insta acc if you have one than I’ll send it over there.
Thanks in advance!

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Heyy, I’d be cool with a r4r!

I’ll love to do r4r with you
Name: how i met a millionaire
Author: khushboo
Genre: romance
Episodes: 6(more coming soon)
Storyline:After getting her heart broken, she tried to move on but ended up finding about her past unaware of what her future holds.
Ig: g_.episode

I’m in for R4R

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