Read4Read Thread! Read my story and promote your story!

Hello guys. I just published my new story. I am new author and I would love to have at least 1000 reads when I finish my story.
Story Title: The Bet
Description: Elle, a spoiled girl that just can’t be nice. After making a bet, Brian has to make sure to make her fall in love with him to break her heart.Or will he be the one that will break?
Number of Chapters out: 3 (ongoing)
Genre: Romance/Drama
Author: Faith Prescott
Story Link:
Style: INK (When I finish this story I will write it in LL)
Instagram: faith.epii
I would love to read something new too. Send your stories. I read every genre. I read every genre. for proof that you have read my story either you leave a fanmail(tell what do you think about my story) or send me a screenshot. My story doesn’t have a covers yet because i still wait for approvals.


Hiya, I’m down for a r4r.
Story title - CAREFUL
Description - You thought Ansel Reynolds was a cure for your pain, but instead he’s there to cause more trouble, be careful hunny.
Number of chapters - 3 (more coming)
Genre - Drama
Author - Yels E
Story link -
Style - Ink
Instagram - @yels.episode
Cover -

I’ve read your story, here are some screenshots xx

Hi! I would love to do a R4R!

here is my story:
Everything We Believed

I just read your story. It’s amazing.

Story Title: Your Fault
Description: Faith Is in her final year of high school. But what happens when she becomes the bully target, and suddenly blamed for the death of a friend.
Javier Rodríguez save her or not
Genre: Drama
Author: Kim Rigsby
Story Link:
Number of Chapters out: 17 still going
Style: LL
Instagram: Episode Kim

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Thank you so much, I really appreciate it xx

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I don’t have passes anymore but when I have I will read the other 2 episodes.

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Hello, r4r?

Sure. What’s the name of your story?

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the Red Curtain


read your story

I love how this story has male MC which is bi.

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I would love to do a read for read. My story is called Reality TV: Killer Mansion. It’s a comedy/mystery (satire!) It’s 3 episodes and complete.

I will read your story and send screen shots!

Story Title: Wrong From Right
Description: Falling in love with the owner of a major designer clothing company sounds unbelievable you’re the CEO for. But, what if it happens to a girl named Rain?
# of Chapters: 17 (ongoing)
Genre: Romance
Author: Briana M.
Story Link:
Style: LL
Instagram: @brianam.stories

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I love it!

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