Reader Choices and other issues :/

Hey guys!
I’ve opened a new thread as the old one was getting a little crowded and I couldn’t find the info that I needed!
I have a few questions that I hope somebody can answer…

  1. I have given the reader choices for clothes, hair and makeup but I am struggling with ensuring that they are remembered when I do flashbacks etc… I am looking for someone who can edit my current script for these parts to the correct way? You will of course be credited in my story!

  2. I am also really struggling with layering! I have tried the commands that I have found on here and they don’t seem to be working so I must be doing something wrong! Any guidance is much appreciated!

  3. As per the reader choices, my first 3 chapters are all set in the same place and so the MC will be wearing the same outfit that the reader initially chose in chapter one! Is there a way for the chosen outfit to stay on in chapters 2 and 3 without the reader having to choose again OR do I have to put in the choices again at the beginning of each chapter?

  4. I am also struggling with getting my characters to walk into spots in different zones (unsure if this can actually be done but thought I’d check) and also to walk in the selected SPOT size (e.g. one of my flashback scenes shows the MC as a child, however, when she enters the room she is bigger than when she is speaking with her parents…) Is there a way to ensure that the child remains child sized whilst walking to different spots?

I hope that this makes sense and I am so sorry for bugging everybody but I’m really starting to lose faith in myself as an episode author :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks in advance :heart:

I’m not good with coding but @_hxxd could probably help a bit… and don’t lose faith in yourself as a writer… I’m sure the overall outcome will be fantastic!!! Keep your head up!!!

~EpisodeStudio President

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Thanks @ChayChay I don’t know what I’d do without you :heart:

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This guide should help:

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