Reader choses who he/she can talk to, help?! :)


I need a little bit of help :slight_smile:

Well look, I want to make a scene where my MC (Holly) choses somebody to talk to.
She walks into the living room and there are 3 people she wants to talk to. The reader can chose which person first.

So the choice should look like this (I know that it can’t be like this in the script):

Who do you want to talk to first?

choice 1
A name, person 1

choice 2
A name, person 2

choice 3
A name, person 3

And after talking to one of the persons, the reader returns to the 3 choices and under those 3 choices there is a choice bubble thing with: Done
And if the reader is done with all 3 persons, he/she choses Done and then there is a message like: Are you sure?
And then the reader can chose between yes and no, and if yes, the story continues. If no, the reader returns to the 3 choices.

But how do I do this? Who can help me?

xx Lynn

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Hi so you can use labels like at the very beginning before they start talking to the people

label (whatever you want to call it)

and then when there’s the question of if they’re done,

“yes” {
goto continue


“no” {
goto (whatever you called it up there)

label continue (where the rest of the story is)

okay thank you!

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