Reader Message Box


Hey there guys,

I’m currently writing my first story and I noticed that when I pre-read my story on a mobile device the readerMessages show up in blue boxes, however I’ve read other people’s stories where the boxes are ‘multi-colored’.

Does anyone know why this happens or how I can fix this?


It’s the newest update. They changed it so the reader message is now in the color of your speech bubbles and it’s showing up from the top and you can’t change it.



The different color stories change the colors of your boxes including your readerMessage box.

The default is blue for stories.
If you name your story Mean Girls (I think?) then the story will be pink.
If you name your story Demi Lavato then your story will be purple.


Aah I get now, thanks a lot for your quick reply! :smile:


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: