Reader Message help...kinda

I’ve seen in some stories, who ask you to follow them on instagram via reader message at the end of their stories. Does anyone know how to code that? Do you maybe have to be featured or something like that?

Its nothing special–
The code for it s-
readerMessage Type your message
Just make sure ‘M’ is capital

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Sorry, after reading that over, I don’t think I worded that right. lol
So, I’ve noticed that on some stories, there is a reader message that asks you if you want to follow that author, you can click it and it brings you to your instagram to follow them, and then back to your story. I’m trying to figure out how to do that.

Oh… that one you just have to input your instagram in the story as in…
When you open your story and go more information (where you put your description) the last line you will social media accounts just input your instagram name over there and it will do what you want it to do…

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In your story page you can write your Instagram/ Twitter/ Facebook names and once in a few episodes it asks the readers that thing and it goes to your social media accounts, there is no coding for that, that’s all you need to do for that!

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