Reader Messages - pop ups


When you create a pop-up reader message thing, will it show/pop up at the top on all devices?

As in previewer guidebox, it pops up at the top of the phone screen but is out of the box on the tablet screen.



on smartphones, yes
but idk in tablets

It shows on tablets too.

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readerMessage to bring the pop up message
readerMessage This is cool!

Okay thanks.

But, what I meant was that if you set a reader message when the readers are reading your story, if one was reading on a phone and was reading on a tablet, would the message pop up for both of them.

Because when I preview my story and set the guide box on and it shows what will show on tablets and what will be visible on phones. The tablet screen is smaller and the reader message is out of the tablet guide box lines but within the phone guidlebox.

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The reader message shows up on all devices.


Yep! I’ve thought about this before, but it shows up on both of my devices :slight_smile:

How do i add reader messages?

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